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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does billing work in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure uses universal credits that can be consumed by any Oracle cloud service. You can choose from two purchase models: pay for the credits that you consumed with Pay As You Go (PAYG), or prepay for cloud credits with Monthly Flex and get volume discounting. If you're new to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can start with PAYG and convert to Monthly Flex when you have a better idea of your consumption pattern.

  • How can I track spending or audit my bill?

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has built-in tools to help you set up and track budgets, analyze and itemize spending, and audit your bill. We also offer a detailed usage report that shows consumption per resource per hour.

  • How do I update my subscription or get help on my invoices?

    If you are an enterprise customer, you can work with your account manager to update your subscription, submit payments, or clarify questions about your invoices.

  • How do I check my Oracle Cloud Infrastructure balance and usage?

    You can get a snapshot of your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure balance and usage through the Cost Analysis dashboard in the web-based Console. For instructions on how to navigate to the dashboard and how to apply filters, see the documentation.

  • Can I create a budget to track my spending?

    Yes, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers built-in tools that you can use to create and manage monthly budgets for your entire tenancy and for each compartment. Compartments can be set up according to your organizational structure. Quarterly and annual budgets are not supported at this time.

  • Can I designate someone to manage costs in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without giving them access to any other resources?

    Yes. You can use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) to create policies that give users granular access to usage data and budgets without giving them access to any other resources.

  • How do I access my usage reports?

    You can access usage reports directly though REST APIs, SDK, CLI and via our web-based Console.