Oracle WebCenter Content: 概要


Oracle WebCenter Contentは、非構造化コンテンツを格納する統合リポジトリとなり、組織は適切な形式で、また用途に応じて使い慣れたアプリケーションのコンテキストでそのコンテンツをビジネスユーザーに提供できます。

  • Access your files from anywhere via mobile apps.


  • The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to browse folders and view files.


  • Find important information fast using the new search interface with type-ahead search results and saved searches.


  • Quickly view files without opening an application using integrated document viewing and rendition access.


  • Integrated with enterprise applications.


  • Publish content updates from an enterprise repository.


Oracle WebCenter Content Overview
  • ドキュメント、イメージ、リッチメディア・ファイル、レコードの管理を目的とする戦略的コンテンツ・インフラ
  • 作成からアーカイブまでを網羅したエンド・ツー・エンドのコンテンツ・ライフサイクル管理
  • コンテキストに即したエンタープライズ・アプリケーション統合



By adopting a secure, highly available and scalable Oracle-based enterprise content management cloud service, we can easily search and access information anytime, anywhere, enabling us to effectively collaborate on conservation activities across 137 internal offices and increase user engagement.

— ニュージーランド自然保護局 情報サービス・チーム・リーダー Louise Mercer氏

Australian Finance Group、Documents Cloudでコストを抑制


Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre 共有政府サービス部門長 Hammad Abdulla Al Hammadi氏

Oracle technology enables us to deliver services that meet public expectations for increased mobility and reduced bureaucracy while safeguarding citizens, businesses, and sensitive information in the online environment. Oracle’s value proposition—a one-stop shop for the portal and all the back-end components—was the most appealing to us.

— Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre 共有政府サービス部門長 Hammad Abdulla Al Hammadi氏

Standard Forwarding LLC、堅牢で拡張性の高いコンテンツ・プラットフォームで顧客セルフサービスを変革し、請求コストを年間350,000ドル削減

The combination of Oracle Application Development Framework, Oracle WebCenter content management solutions, and Redstone Content Solutions’ expertise has enabled us to elevate customer service to new levels while improving operational efficiency. We’ve cut invoicing costs by more than $350,000 annually and can provide better service to more customers with the same resources.

— Standard Forwarding LLC IT部長 Kevin Mishler氏


Oracle’s Identity and Access Management solutions are helping us to deliver a secure, collaborative information hub to the Ministry of Defense, to improve information asset management and reduce risk.

— Babcock International Group Plc 戦略機能開発マネージャ Nicole Flooks氏


With Oracle Business Process Management, Oracle WebCenter Portal, and Oracle WebCenter Content, we boosted performance and efficiency by consolidating internal business requests into a user-friendly interface with a single point of access and a centralized document repository.

— リヤド開発局 アプリケーション開発マネージャ Majed Al Sultan氏

Instituto de Financiamento de Agricultura e Pescas、効率が高まり、処理する助成金の要請数が増加

With Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Capture we can scan several types of forms and provide them to our staff much faster to improve productivity. Today, we can digitize 10,000 forms in a day and make them available the next day. Before, it would have taken up to five days.

—Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas 部署管理兼文書管理担当責任者 パウロ・カルソア氏


Thanks to Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle WebCenter Content, we greatly improved the service we provide to our healthcare clients, and using Oracle Application Development Framework, we can rapidly develop new applications to expand our offering to the healthcare, manufacturing, and service sectors.

— INSO sistemi per le infrastrutture sociali S.p.A. ITマネージャ Corrado Consiglio氏


We chose Oracle WebCenter Content for the flexibility it gives us to define our processes and modify them as needed. It also met our requirement for a robust platform that can handle the amount of files we store each year.

— Serhs 企業社会責任担当ヘッド Anna Verdura氏


Department of Conservation, New Zealand Gains Ability to Rapidly Search and Share 2.2 Million Documents Anytime Anywhere, and Enhances Collaboration
Australian Finance Group Curbs Costs with Documents Cloud
Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre Empowers E-Government by Integrating and Consolidating Systems and Applications Across Agencies
Standard Forwarding LLC Transforms Customer Self-Service and Cuts Invoicing Costs by $350,000 Annually with Robust and Scalable Content Platform
Babcock Protects Defense Information Assets with a Secure Information-Sharing Hub
ArRiyadh Development Authority Gains Efficiency and Rapidly Adapts to Change Using a Unified Content Repository with Centralized Access
Instituto de Financiamento de Agricultura e Pescas Improves Efficiency and Increases Number of Subsidy Requests Processed
INSO Increases Healthcare Support Service Quality and Efficiency at San Giuseppe Hospital and Reduces Costs by 30% with Centralized Web-based Management System
Serhs Improves Processing for Over 4,000 Employment Files and 350,000 Invoices per Year Through Optimal Digitalization
Panduit Delivers on the Digital Business Promise