Oracle Prime Projects Cloud Service

Complete Project Success Platform

Oracle Prime Projects Cloud Service is a complete, cloud-first project management platform that enables team collaboration and real-time visibility across the project lifecycle. By integrating the management of project portfolios, schedules, tasks, resources, costs, field teams, documents, and risk into a single platform, Oracle Prime Projects delivers complete project success.

Project managers and stakeholders can make the right decisions based on built-in analysis, dashboards and reporting tools. Enterprise social collaboration and mobile capabilities let project teams communicate effectively and manage project planning, execution and monitoring processes efficiently from start to finish.

Improve Project Outcomes in the Cloud

Improve Project Outcomes in the Cloud

Oracle Prime Projects Cloud offers an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and mobile-enabled tools. It leverages the power of the Oracle Cloud to enable multiuser access, simplify deployment, minimize time to value, and accelerate access to new functionality.

  • Improve financial discipline by increasing productivity and transparency across stakeholders
  • Increase operational efficiency across disciplines and organizations to accelerate decision-making and improve delivery
  • Reduce risk exposure


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