Oracle Commerce Platform

Deliver Personalized and Optimized Experiences

Innovate as the market changes and expand quickly and easily to new touchpoints and geographies.

Oracle Commerce Platform


Ecommerce Platforms

Innovative Ecommerce Platforms

  • Provides a proven, scalable, modern platform, business-user control, and omnichannel support
  • Empowers marketers and merchants to manage omnichannel experiences, personalization, search and navigation, promotions, content, and more
  • Enables the rapid launch of sites for new brands, markets, and even single-purpose campaigns
  • Easily expands internationally to target new geographies and segments more effectively
  • Includes B2B and B2C modules to better support different business and selling models
Carolina Biological background
Carolina Biological Improves CX Using Oracle Commerce

With Oracle Commerce, we’re noticing that customers are spending more per order when they shop with us.

-- Chad Petersen, director of e-commerce, Carolina Biological Supply Company
American Apparel background
American Apparel Drives Performance with Oracle Commerce Solutions
We required an open, scalable platform with the features and functionality to support us now and in the future. As we continue to grow sales worldwide, the Oracle solution will enable us to personalize and enhance the customer experience online, streamline service, and introduce more international sites.
-- Stacey Shulman, CIO, American Apparel

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