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NOTE: After February 28, 2019 Oracle will no longer accept new applications for the Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider Program.
The Managed Service Provider Program has been revised in Modernized OPN as Managed Service Expertise. Please review the expertise catalog under service to review the qualifiers to achieve the expertise.
Pairing Partner Services

Pairing Partner Services
with Oracle’s Leading Cloud Platform

As part of the current industry trend toward datacenter transformation, many customers want to outsource their datacenters to public cloud. These customers are looking for partners who can help migrate, run and manage any workload in the cloud. The Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) program identifies and recognizes partners who have skills, tools and processes to build, deploy, run, and manage Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on Oracle Cloud Platform.


How Do I Become a Managed Service Provider?

To participate in the program, partners must perform a sequence of activities summarized below.

Meet OPN Membership & Competency Requirements

Partner must be a valid OPN member with an approved Cloud designation, and complete training and assessments outlined in the Oracle Cloud MSP Criteria Table. See details

Complete Self-Assessment Technical Checklist

Submit your completed Oracle Cloud MSP Self-Assessment Technical Checklist for Oracle validation and approval. See details

Execute Agreements & Begin to Transact

Execute one of the following agreements to begin transacting: Managed Services Provider Amendment to the Oracle Cloud Services Agreement, or Managed Services Provider Schedule to the Oracle Cloud Services Addendum to the Oracle Master Distribution Agreement. See details

Enroll in Program & Utilize Your Benefits

Once your company has met the published criteria, your Company Administrator will be provided direction on how to enroll in the Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider Program. Once accepted into the program, refer to the benefits table to start taking advantage of key benefits and branding available.

Complete 3rd Party Audit

Upon approval of the technical checklist and securing Cloud MSP customers, your audit with an Oracle designated 3rd party may be scheduled. Once complete, a summary with outstanding actions will be provided, and the full audit report will be sent to Oracle for final review and approval. See details

Meet Revenue, Customer Reference & Audit Criteria During Momentum Period

Oracle Cloud Managed Service Providers will have a 9 month "momentum period" to complete additional revenue, customer reference and audit criteria. See details

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