High Performance Computing (HPC) Solution

High Performance Computing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a highly performant and cost-effective HPC platform for industries, enterprises, and government bodies to solve complex mathematical and scientific problems faster. HPC on OCI rivals the performance of on-premises solutions with the elasticity and consumption-based costs of the cloud, offering on-demand availability and capability to scale tens of thousands of cores simultaneously. With HPC on OCI, you get access to high-frequency processors, fast and dense local storage, high throughput ultra-low latency RDMA cluster network, and the tools to automate and run jobs seamlessly in the cloud at a lower cost.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Shaping the Cloud for HPC Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Shaping the Cloud for HPC

HPC workloads in the cloud bring greater computing capacity to a wide range of HPC applications and workloads. Learn about the current market dynamics of HPC in the cloud.

Deploy HPC workloads fast with OCI Deploy HPC workloads fast with OCI

Learn why High-Performance Computing (HPC) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the right solution for your HPC workloads and how easy it is to deploy HPC compute cluster through the Oracle Cloud marketplace..

Experience on premises–level performance and control with OCIExperience on premises–level performance and control with OCI

Learn more about Oracle’s HPC solution that offers leading-edge compute, storage, networking, and allied software technologies at a lower cost while delivering the on-premises level of performance.

Join Oracle at Supercomputing 2021 November 14-19, 2021!

Learn how HPC is empowering innovations that were never before possible to improve everyday life across the globe.
Red Bull Racing Honda and Oracle Partner to Elevate Data Analytics in Formula 1

“Races are decided by the narrowest of margins, but when it came to deciding who we wanted to work with, no other cloud company came even close.”

Christian Horner
Team Principal, Red Bull Racing Honda

Altair tests and runs complex simulations overnight on OCI

“We looked for the best price-performance, security, and VMware integrations. We found that in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.”

Sam Mahalingam
Chief Technical Officer for Enterprise Solutions, Altair

Nissan gets to market quicker with Oracle Cloud HPC

“We selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s HPC solutions as a part of our multi-cloud strategy to meet the challenges of increased simulation demand under constant cost savings pressure. I believe Oracle will bring significant ROI to Nissan.””

Bing Xu
General Manager, Engineering Systems Department, Nissan Motor Co, Ltd

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Offers NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation Image

“Around the globe, virtualization is helping enterprises stay productive during these challenging times. With Quadro Virtual Workstations on Oracle Cloud, creative and technical professionals can easily access the performance they need to work anywhere.”

Anne Hecht
Senior Director of virtualization product marketing, NVIDIA

BJSS Boosts High Performance Computing by 5x on Oracle Cloud

“Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is able to support deterministic latencies at the 10μs level at very high message volumes. There is sufficient evidence to justify exploring deployment of low-latency sensitive applications to OCI. This is significant because services requiring this service level avoid expensive on-site deployments.”

Larry Ryan
Chief Technical Officer, BJSS

YellowDog pioneers superfast HPC rendering jobs using Oracle Cloud

“Oracle’s bare metal compute and cluster networking technologies allowed BeeGFS on Oracle Cloud to outperform our on-premises HPC file system latency and throughput for MPAS workloads at a very low price point. Using Oracle Cloud’s RDMA cluster networking, BeeGFS can see performance of up to 140 GB/s with as little as 14 servers.”

Simon Ponsford
Chief Technical Officer, YellowDog

OCI Architecture Center for HPC

Your destination for guidance and technical resources for HPC on OCI.

Customers chose HPC on OCI

Leading price-performance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers leading price-performance for HPC solutions. OCI's bare metal servers coupled with Oracle's cluster networking provides access to ultra-low latency RDMA (< 2 μs latency across clusters of tens of thousands of cores) over converged Ethernet (RoCE) v2. With these capabilities, customers get optimized performance and scale for the most demanding HPC workloads at a lower cost. In addition, Oracle's flat, two-tier network topology provides uniform bandwidth and latency across all the nodes allowing HPC clusters to scale at flat prices.

Automated RDMA cluster deployment

Automate deployment of ultra-low latency RDMA clusters with Terraform template available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace stack to speed up running of performance-intensive workload across multiple machines. This template provides the base for HPC for weather modeling, CFD simulations, computational chemistry, genomics analysis, and many other use cases. The stack also provides the ability to install the Slurm scheduler, OpenMPI, and tools to test MPI connectivity with ease.

Easy ML/AI and Data Science

With Oracle, customers can effectively run AI/ML workloads on Oracle’s HPC infrastructure, including fast and large volumes of storage and computing power. To further support the data science teams, Oracle offers Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Machines for Data Science. This preconfigured environment enables customers to build models and deliver business value faster. OCI Virtual Machines for Data Science Service offers exceptional performance, security, and control. With OCI, customers can expand their compute resources as needed using compute autoscaling while keeping their costs under control by stopping compute instances when those are not required.

In addition, these virtual machines come with an NVIDIA GPU that can be up and running in less than 15 minutes with preinstalled common IDEs, notebooks, and frameworks. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure VMs for Data Science also includes basic sample data and code for data science teams to test and explore.

Run HPC workloads on a broad range of compute shapes

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides several compute options for bare metal and virtual machines instances from Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and Ampere CPU/GPU based architectures.

Rich HPC partner ecosystem

Oracle works closely with an array of commercial and open source projects to support our customers. These partners test and build software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which results in improved solution designs for customers across an array of computational tasks.

HPC technology center on OCI

Design the infrastructure for hosting SaaS applications
Bare metal HPC compute instances

High core frequencies and cluster networking give Oracle’s bare metal compute instances significant performance improvements over other public clouds and onsite data centers. Bare metal compute instances provide exceptional isolation, visibility, and control.

Cluster networking
Fast cluster networking

Our standard bare metal servers include dual 25 Gbps Ethernet for fast networking. In addition, Oracle’s back-end network fabric that uses Mellanox’s ConnectX-5, 100 Gbps network interface cards is groundbreaking. It provides RDMA over converged Ethernet (RoCE) v2, creating clusters with the same low-latency networking and application scalability as on-premises clusters.

GPUs on Bare metal and Virtual Machines
GPUs on Bare metal and Virtual Machines

Oracle Cloud offers high performance virtual machines, bare metal servers, and GPUs for graphics-intensive workloads for rendering, AI, and deep learning workloads.

Optimized HPC Instances
Optimized HPC Instances

Oracle Linux for High Performance Computing combines a fully supported, open, and complete operating environment that is 100% application binary-compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Oracle Linux delivers virtualization, management, and cloud native computing tools—along with the Linux operating system (OS)—in a single offering that meets high performance computing requirements.

HPC file systems
HPC file systems

Traditional storage simply can’t provide enough throughput for performance-intensive workloads. To meet these needs, Oracle makes it easy to deploy GlusterFS, BeeGFS, Lustre, and IBM Spectrum Scale high performance file systems that can deliver up to 453 GBps aggregate throughput to HPC clusters.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace
Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Oracle Marketplace gives our customers the ability to evaluate, select, and deploy end-to-end solutions seamlessly while automating the deployment process for HPC solutions.

Get hands-on with HPC on OCI

Run OpenFOAM on an HPC Cluster & a Standard VM on OCI

Run OpenFOAM on an HPC Cluster & a Standard VM on OCI

GROMACS Deployment through Resource Manager

GROMACS Deployment through Resource Manager

Provision HPC Cluster from Oracle Marketplace Image

Provision HPC Cluster from Oracle Marketplace Image

HPC Solutions by Industry

Oracle built the infrastructure and services in the cloud to support enterprise-class customers' needs across multiple industries and industry use cases.


HPC on OCI allows our manufacturing customers to run larger workloads faster and support more computationally complex simulations. From crash-test simulations to aerodynamics, HPC on OCI provides the compute capability to run these workloads at a higher performance than any other cloud provider.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

CFD is a common workload that simulates the motion of air and fluid to simplify and speed product engineering. For example, in the automotive sector, it helps manufacturers simulate cabin airflow, engine oil dynamics, and the air flow around the car to improve fuel efficiency. It is a tightly coupled MPI-based workload that benefits from Oracle’s 100 Gbps cluster networking, high-frequency Intel processor-based compute instances, and the latest NVIDIA GPUs.

Nissan Moves to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for High-Performance Computing

CFD is a common workload that simulates the motion of air and fluid to simplify and speed product engineering. For example, in the automotive sector, it helps manufacturers simulate cabin airflow, engine oil dynamics, and the air flow around the car to improve fuel efficiency. It is a tightly coupled MPI-based workload that benefits from Oracle’s 100 Gbps cluster networking, high-frequency Intel processor-based compute instances, and the latest NVIDIA GPUs.

Life sciences simulations on OCI

Molecular dynamics (MD) and genomic simulations are routine workloads of the life sciences industry. These simulations analyze the physical movements of atoms and molecules and are utilized in use cases like drug discovery. By moving these computationally intensive workloads to OCI, researchers can achieve the best possible performance, meet scale requirements, and reduce the time for discovering new treatments, which can offer cost savings.

Financial Services

Financial applications, including trading applications, require high-performance, low-latency infrastructure. These applications were not a design goal of early cloud architectures, and they have been slow to move to the cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides the performance characteristics, such as sub-2-microsecond in-cluster latency these applications require, rivaling custom-built and expensive on-premises solutions.

Visual effects rendering

High performance computing provides the horsepower for today’s omnipresent visual effects. From special effects in movies to TV ads and the latest PC and console game titles, all are developed by media companies who need HPC and GPU performance on-demand. OCI offers HPC and GPU-powered bare metal instances like NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation that deliver consistent performance in line with expensive high-end graphics workstations at a lower cost.

Higher Education & Research

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s supercomputing platform gives researchers access to bare metal NVIDIA GPUs, high performance computing instances, and a low-latency clustered network. Researchers can create clusters for running large-scale computations to accelerate the research in multiple branches of science and engineering like drug discovery, genomics, weather forecasting, space exploration, and more. Through programs like Oracle for Research, Oracle is working closely with research organizations like the University of Bristol and the Royal Holloway University of London to help accelerate the development of vaccines and advanced solutions that address climate change.