Move, Optimize, and Extend Custom and Third-Party Applications

Migrate custom and third-party applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with minimal rearchitecture or reintegration and implement infrastructure that delivers higher performance at lower cost. OCI includes all the core infrastructure and platform-as-a-service options to meet secure development lifecycle needs through its industry-leading data management products and support for open source technologies like Java, Kubernetes, and MySQL. Customers can use Oracle Cloud Lift Services for rapid workload migration at no cost, Oracle Cloud Coach Clinics to jumpstart development, and Oracle Support Rewards to effectively reduce technology software license costs.

Seven roads to cloud success with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Explore the stories of our ISV partners and customers who seamlessly migrated to the autonomous, scalable, and purpose-driven Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Gartner Report (PDF) Matching the workload characteristics to the cloud’s capabilities

Read more about OCI's capabilities for mission-critical, custom, and cloud native workloads.

IDC business value study finds that organizations using OCI realize benefits worth US$5M per year.

Why choose OCI to run custom and third-party apps?

Improve price-performance

Oracle helps organizations get workloads to the cloud rapidly and economically. Customers get the same low cloud pricing across all regions and services, committed use discounts, software license portability, and further rewards.

Consistently low and predictable global pricing

Increase reliability and resilience

OCI provides guidance and reassurance, for both custom and third-party applications, via OCI Architecture Center, financially backed SLAs for availability, performance, and manageability, and free migration assistance via Oracle Cloud Lift Services. The Oracle partner ecosystem can assist customers migrate more complex applications to OCI.

Best practices for designing reliable and resilient cloud topologies

Learn about architecting a highly available cloud topology

Extend and modernize apps

Oracle Integration provides connectivity for custom and third-party applications. With OCI’s open and application development platform, developers can use products such as Oracle APEX and Oracle Visual Builder to code less and build web, mobile, and cloud native applications quickly.

Build modern intelligent applications using Oracle Cloud

Explore the benefits of OCI for custom and third-party applications

Defining custom and third-party applications

Custom apps

Homegrown IT or departmental applications that support an organization’s unique business processes.

Third-party apps

Non-Oracle software products, which may use Oracle application servers or databases for use cases such as business intelligence, integration, and ERP.

ISV apps

Applications created and distributed by software vendors for use cases such as video conferencing and cybersecurity.

Learn more about why ISVs are choosing OCI.

Migrating and extending custom applications on OCI

Products, tools, and resources relevant to migrating and deploying custom and third-party applications. These apps may be designed using traditional or cloud native architectures.

Connect custom/third-party apps and data sources

Oracle Integration offers a combination of prebuilt connectivity to Oracle as well as third-party, cloud-based and on-premises apps, prebuilt process automation templates, and an intuitive visual builder for web and mobile app development. Customers can migrate and integrate data faster and more easily; and deliver real-time, enriched, and trusted data from disparate cloud and on-premises sources to enable business insights. Additionally, Oracle Cloud Marketplace provides a catalog of integration solutions.

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Innovate with autonomous and open source databases

Oracle Autonomous Database delivers a multimodel converged database that is self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing, allowing customers to focus energies on developing and delivering applications that directly add value to their business. Autonomous Database runs natively on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure while providing workload-optimized cloud services for transaction processing and data warehousing.

Oracle MySQL Database Service lets developers quickly develop and deploy secure, cloud native applications using the world’s most popular open source database. MySQL Database Service is the only MySQL cloud service with an integrated, high-performance, in-memory query accelerator–HeatWave.

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Support for major application platforms

Oracle WebLogic Server is a unified, extensible platform for developing, deploying, and running custom enterprise applications, both on-premises and in the cloud. WebLogic Server offers a robust, mature, and scalable implementation of Java Enterprise Edition (EE) and Jakarta EE. With rapid deployment and flexible pricing options, Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI is Oracle’s recommended way to run enterprise Java applications in the cloud. Oracle also offers WebLogic Server for Kubernetes in the OCI Marketplace, with the option to bring your own license (BYOL).

When customers migrate their third-party application servers (IBM Web Sphere Apache Tomcat, and others) to OCI, they can take advantage of Oracle and third-party reference architectures that provide guided implementation. Additionally, Oracle Cloud Marketplace is available with preconfigured images that help automate deployment.

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Observability and management

Using Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform, customers can harness visibility and machine learning-driven actionable insights to ease management across all layers of the stack deployed on any technology, anywhere. Oracle’s integrated functionality and automation for DevOps monitoring and IT operations management makes it 50% easier to prevent and solve IT problems.

Oracle realizes that customers need service level objectives and agreements from their cloud vendor. In order for customers to ensure 24/7 uptime, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides guidance and reassurance that customers can use to plan for high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) for their applications.

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Protect your enterprise data and applications

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security is designed to protect customer workloads with a security-first approach across compute, network, and storage—down to the hardware. OCI’s security services strengthen your security posture and protect your most valuable data and applications in the cloud.

With OCI, customers can meet global compliance and regulatory requirements. They can also address the need for data sovereignty and privacy through Oracle Cloud@Customer products, including Oracle Dedicated Region.

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Value-added services to migrate and consolidate custom workloads

Oracle Cloud Lift Services provide guidance from cloud engineers on planning, architecting, prototyping, and managing cloud migrations. Customers can move critical Oracle and non-Oracle workloads in weeks, or even days, instead of months by leveraging these included services for customer tenancies.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides a customer managed, native VMware-based cloud environment, installed within a customer’s tenancy. Move or extend VMware-based workloads to the cloud without rearchitecting applications or retooling operations, and later use Oracle Cloud services to modernize your applications.

Oracle Database Migration Service provides a high-performing, self-service experience for migrating databases to OCI. It provides logical online and offline migration for enterprise-level database migration with minimal downtime.

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Marketplace and Kubernetes for custom apps

When customers migrate their applications to OCI, they can use Oracle and third-party reference architectures that provide guided implementation. Additionally, Oracle Cloud Marketplace is available with preconfigured images and templates that help automate deployment.

Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) makes it easy to containerize applications and orchestrate them, reducing time and cost required to manage cloud native applications. Unlike other cloud vendors, OCI provides Container Engine for Kubernetes as a free service that runs on lower-cost, higher-performance compute shapes.

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Build low code apps faster with APEX and Visual Builder

Oracle APEX is a low-code development platform that enables engineers to build scalable, secure enterprise apps with world-class features that can be deployed anywhere. Using Oracle APEX Service, developers can quickly develop and deploy compelling apps that solve real problems and provide immediate value. APEX is a fully supported, no-cost feature of Oracle Database—the most complete, integrated, and secure data platform for any scale deployment.

Oracle Visual Builder lets developers create and deploy web, mobile, and progressive web interfaces quickly. Developers can extend their applications using the same development platform that Oracle Cloud Applications are built on.

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Automate and simplify application management

Developer tools and services automate the software development lifecycle (SDLC), infrastructure operations, observability, and messaging for developers. Customers can use popular open source tools such as Jenkins, Terraform, and Grafana to integrate with OCI.

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DevOps service, engineers can automate the delivery and deployment of software to OCI compute platforms such as Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), OCI Compute hosts (Instance Groups), and Oracle Functions. DevOps service provides an end-to-end continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) experience for developers.

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Enable diverse application deployment models

While many custom applications, tools, and resources can be migrated to the cloud, some simply require the resources of an on-premises environment. Oracle’s offerings address customer requirements for specialized deployment, disconnected and intermittently connected operation, low latency, and high performance, as well as data locality and security. Oracle Dedicated Region offers all the capabilities of a public cloud within customer datacenters, thereby allowing applications to be deployed on-premises and migrated over time to the public cloud.

Oracle also provides an open platform ecosystem and diverse options to connect to different cloud providers or on-premises data centers. Inexpensive data egress charges allow enterprises to save significant costs while extending their IT environment to the cloud. The Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Interconnect helps customers choose the best of Oracle’s and Microsoft's technology stack, and maximize their return on investment.

OCI technical case studies for custom applications

Technical case studies highlight the customer’s goals and the breadth and depth of their technical solution on OCI. Each technical case study features all applicable OCI products used, the customer’s cloud migration path, OCI solution architecture, and the results of their cloud transformation.

Archaeological Park of Pompeii taps OCI to reopen after COVID-19 lockdown

Archaeological Park of Pompeii taps OCI to reopen after COVID-19 lockdown

Following the pandemic, historical site Pompeii reopened using the MyPompeii mobile app, a solution built entirely on OCI with cloud native and API-first principles in mind. Pompeii used these OCI services, SDKs, and frameworks:

Pompeii’s cloud native, mobile solution on OCI includes:

  • A real-time heat map that enables information for points of interest, facilities, and social distancing
  • Complete integration with online ticket sales application TicketOne, so visitors can scan a QR code on their tickets and access all the application’s content
  • Visitor feedback through the application, certified through blockchain

The application has been downloaded by 20,000+ visitors in 2021.

Oracle Cloud helps accelerate COVID-19 testing in the US

Oracle Cloud helps accelerate COVID-19 testing in the US

In the early days of the pandemic, Oracle Consulting built a suite of public health management applications to help collect and analyze the data necessary for government health organizations and the medical community to understand the virus and its spread. Counties using the platform include Tarrant County, the third most populous county in the state of Texas. The platform not only helps Tarrant County’s testing facilities operate more effectively, but also provides valuable information to keep communities safe. These are the services used:

The COVID-19 Testing and Data Response Platform was developed to cater to all steps of the testing process:

  • Provide an online form and categorize each respondent’s risk as high, medium, or low
  • Schedule appointments for people most likely to contract the coronavirus
  • Allow patients to check in using a mobile app and QR code
  • Allow patients to check out and provide the necessary data to testing partners
  • Make the results from the testing partners available to patients
  • Build customized dashboards with augmented and predictive analytics, data visualization, and intelligent insights

The platform provides Tarrant County with valuable information to keep its communities safe and COVID-19 cases down.

AgroScout improves development and DevOps with Oracle Cloud Native Services

AgroScout improves development and DevOps with Oracle Cloud Native Services

AgroScout, a startup in the agritech sector, leveraged Oracle Cloud Native Services to migrate its application to Kubernetes and deliver an automated deployment pipeline. The AgroScout development team can easily manage its application, streamline its CI/CD platform, and achieve better performance on OCI. Facilities operate more effectively, but also provide valuable information to keep communities safe. These are the services used:

Running on OCI, AgroScout’s application achieved the following results:

  • Transition from a static application to a dynamic microservice-based app
  • Cluster deployment time decreased from 23 hours to 2 minutes
  • New version deployment reduced from 24 hours to minutes
  • Enhanced ability to query thousands of images in seconds

AgroScout’s machine learning technology relies on OCI’s GPU instances proving the speed and performance that machine-learning workloads demand.

Cloud native and DevSecOps at scale with Capgemini and Oracle Cloud

Cloud native and DevSecOps at scale with Capgemini and Oracle Cloud

Capgemini has been an Oracle Platinum Partner for over two decades, helping customers with projects such as critical migrations and implementations. When a customer approached Capgemini with aging legacy systems, business change requirements, and strict deadlines enforced by a government directive (PSD2), Capgemini turned to Oracle Cloud. Capgemini delivered a rapidly developed, cloud native platform using these products:

Because OCI services can be provisioned so quickly, Capgemini achieved the following results for their customer:

  • Achieved design to launch in 6 months
  • Scaled its testing to 200% of expected maximum user concurrency
  • Measured a response time averaging 77ms
  • Delivered the PSD2 portal and PSD2 APIs on time and launched the debt register API a week ahead of schedule

The platform serves 300,000 API requests per day.

MESTEC launches robust multicloud strategy with Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Interconnect

MESTEC launches robust multi-cloud strategy with OCI and Azure Interconnect to optimize manufacturing lifecycle

MESTEC is the world's first cloud-based SaaS manufacturing solution provider. It offers manufacturing execution system (MES) and advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software to manufacturers looking to improve efficiencies in the critical aspects of the manufacturing lifecycle. The company deployed a multicloud strategy leveraging solutions from Oracle and Microsoft. It relies on Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database connected to an Azure front end through the Oracle-Azure Interconnect to deliver solutions that boost overall manufacturing processes without customization and typical upfront costs. The company utilized the following cloud services from Oracle:

Transitioning to a multicloud strategy:

  • Reduced labor and infrastructure costs by half compared to its on-premises environment
  • Ran manufacturing workloads up to 600% faster with half as many CPUs
  • Achieved a more secure and 100% compliant environment
  • Implemented a diverse set of manufacturing environments quickly and reliably
  • Committed higher-availability SLAs to its customers

With OCI, MESTEC optimized their manufacturing lifecycle and scaled to new infrastructure resources rapidly.

Mynet delivers exceptional mobile gaming experience with OCI, cuts costs by 80%

Mynet delivers exceptional mobile gaming experience with OCI, cuts costs by 80%

Mynet offers mobile game services by acquiring an existing game title, then redesigning and repackaging it to reach a broader audience. This business model enhances the overall profitability and revenue for Mynet. The company migrated to OCI for superior performance at a lower price and reduced overall costs by about 80%. Mynet uses services from other cloud providers depending on game characteristics, in support of its multicloud strategy. The company delivers an exceptional mobile gaming experience utilizing a portfolio of OCI services listed below:

Transitioning most mobile game titles to OCI resulted in:

  • About 80% reduced infrastructure cost
  • Cost savings of over $1M in twelve months
  • 6X improved processing time for a title—from about an hour to just 10 minutes
  • Specific game titles running automatically and at scale without human intervention
  • A unified view of cloud security posture across OCI tenancy

By deploying its mobile gaming experience on OCI, Mynet achieved notable improvements in overall game performance.

Custom applications technology center

Design and implement your departmental and IT applications using our catalog of reference architectures, solution playbooks, and best practices.

Built & Deployed on OCI

Sonoco deploys multi-tier application with disaster recovery capability
Custom application built on serverless architecture helps minimize biases in the recruiting process.
AI-based custom application for document virtualization runs on OCI, reducing costs and increasing innovation.

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