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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery helps organizations reach their intended audiences by enabling them to send bulk email with high rates of successful inbox placement. With email message volume rising every year, reaching intended recipients continues to be a significant challenge, even for reputable senders. Email Delivery, built on Oracle Dyn's proven technology, makes that challenge exponentially easier.

Now fully integrated as part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Email Delivery has been helping organizations with large sending needs overcome the challenges of inbox placement for more than a decade. With proven reliability, scale, and ease of use, Email Delivery ensures organizations can have high confidence that messages will reach their target audiences as intended.

Product Features

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Easy Onboarding

    Simple Management

  • Manage approved sender lists, suppression lists, and simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) configuration and credentials with a single Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.

  • Easy integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDK, CLI.


    Increase Message Placement

  • Expertly configured and maintained email sending infrastructure with industry best practices included to enable high optimized inbox placement.
  • IP blacklists and block-list remediation and proactive deliverability monitoring.
  • Protected Reputation

  • Robust platform sending reputation is included, and add-on Reputation Management service available for customized deliverability needs.

Scale as Your Volume Grows

    We Grow with You

  • Supports hundreds of companies sending billions of emails and scale as your volume increases, all backed by a team who will support you through the process.
  • Designed to support varying email sending volumes from small to large, with minimized total cost of ownership.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery Pricing

Product Unit Price Metric
Email Delivery Services Cost per 1000 Emails Sent1,2

1. Email sent is defined as the number of unique outbound deliveries during a calendar month.
2. Outbound deliveries are defined by the number of unique messages as well as the number of unique recipients per message.