Connector Hub

Connector Hub helps cloud engineers manage and move data between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services and from OCI to third-party services. Unlike competing cloud offerings, Connector Hub provides a central place for describing, executing and monitoring data movements between services, such as Logging, Object Storage, Streaming, Logging Analytics, and Monitoring. It can also trigger Functions for lightweight data processing and Notifications to set up alerts.

Connector Hub features

Manage data movement

Single pane of glass to manage and monitor all data movement

Connector Hub provides a centralized place where administrators can manage and monitor data movements across all their services within and from OCI to third-party tools.

Move log data

Quickly set up connectors to move logs from Logging to Object Storage, Streaming, Logging Analytics and Monitoring or trigger Functions and Notifications.

Move streaming data

Create connectors to move data within Streaming or from Streaming to Object Storage. Use streams to trigger Functions and Notifications.

Seamless integration with third-party services

Connector Hub supports integration with Oracle Cloud’s Kafka-compatible Streaming service, enabling seamless integration with third-party Kafka tools without any retooling or changes to your operational posture.

Filters for moving data

Developers can specify filters that govern data movement between source and destination services.

Developer features

Process data in motion

Configure Functions for custom data processing for data that’s in motion from Logging and Streaming.

Build event-driven applications

Use Connector Hub to build event-driven applications with Functions and Notifications. Fix issues automatically with code or alert engineers for manual intervention.

Single API for transferring logs

With a reduced learning curve, developers can get started quickly with a single API for moving data between supported services for analytics, archival, third-party integration, and other use cases.

Programmatic access

Developers can use the command-line interface (CLI) and API to create connectors to move data between services.

Ops and security

Metrics and alarms

Connector Hub integrates with Monitoring to emit metrics, such as bytes transferred, errors at source and target, and data freshness. Engineers can use these metrics to create alarms to trigger manual or automated remediation.

Identity management

Connector Hub integrates with Oracle Identity and Access Management, allowing administrators to easily set up granular policies that govern access to and interaction with connectors.

Move logs and streaming data for free

Connector Hub is a free service across all OCI regions.

Connector Hub use cases

  • Long-term log and stream data archival

    Move data from Logging and Streaming to Object Storage for long-term archival.

  • Setup alarms and take remedial actions

    Convert logs into metrics and ingest them into Monitoring. Set up alarms on metrics for near real-time alerts based on statistical functions.

  • Build event-driven applications

    Leverage Functions and Notifications to process data and act in response to cloud resource changes.

  • Integrate with third-party applications

    Move data to Streaming and use Kafka connectors to seamlessly transfer data to third-party services.

  • Data processing in motion

    Configure Functions for custom data processing while data is in motion from Logging and Streaming to supported target services.

  • Advanced log analytics

    Move logs to Logging Analytics for quickly finding the “needle in the haystack” among millions of rows of logs.

April 13, 2021

Announcing Stream and Log Processing in Connector Hub

Vimal Kocherla, Product Management, Oracle

We are excited to announce the general availability of Streaming-as-a-Source and Functions-as-a-Task in Connector Hub to enable stream and log processing scenarios.

Read the complete post

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