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Oracle Modern Best Practice—Lead to Opportunity

Modern Best Practice for Lead to Opportunity
Better Leads, Better Pipeline

Lead to Opportunity

The mobile, social, cloud, and big data capabilities built into modern best practice enables you to better qualify leads, grow your pipeline, and drive sales. Capture better leads using data from many different sources, including mobile and social media. Make it easy for the entire organization to qualify, score, and review leads using mobile technology and social media. Use the following modern best practice as your roadmap to optimize your sales organization for growth.

Data-Driven Sales Pipeline

  • Select customer and product attributes for building predictive models
  • Set up, manage, and train on predictive models
  • Set up rule-based dashboards for business or knowledge attributes not inherent in the data
  • Analyze the performance of prediction models using prebuilt reports, such as leads adoption and attribute correlation
  • Improve the accuracy of prediction by retaining models when the underlying data changes
  • Simulate recommendations before generating leads

Capture Leads
Capture Leads icon Mobile. Social. Big Data.

Capture Leads

Aggregate leads across multiple channels (social, campaigns, events, etc.).

Qualify Lead
Qualify Lead icon Mobile. Social.

Qualify Lead

Evaluate leads and prioritize. Rank leads after cleansing.

Nurture and Score Lead
Nurture and Score Lead icon Mobile. Social.

Nurture and Score Lead

Use rule-based nurturing and scoring to identify high-quality leads.

Assign and Allocate
Assign and Allocate icon Mobile. Social.

Assign and Allocate

Assign nurtured leads to sales or channel using rule-based territory allocation.

Review Lead
Review Lead icon Mobile. Social.

Review Lead

Use pre-configured assessment templates to review lead. Recycle unqualified leads for further nurturing.

Convert Lead
Convert Lead icon Mobile. Social.

Convert Lead

Accept and convert qualified leads to opportunities.

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