Oracle Fusion Middleware - Business Activity Monitoring

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (Oracle BAM) gives business users the ability to create their own dashboards and monitor their business services and processes in the enterprise.

Oracle BAM 12c supports both "active" real-time, changing dashboards that update without having to refresh the browser and also "tactical" dashboards that allow a user to change parameters to see a new perspective of the data without having to develop a database query.

Active business views combine historical data with incoming data to give users the most up-to-date view. Oracle BAM 12c includes technology that may allow active business views to update automatically based on incoming data using incremental in-memory calculations thereby eliminating the need to continually query the database and thus improves performance and scalability.

BAM Composer

Business Analysts who design dashboards can configure business queries with parameters so that the end-users can easily customize the data that is displayed on the dashboard.

City Dashboard

Users can define hierarchies on their data to allow them to drill-through various levels of data. They can create date-time (e.g. Month, Day, Hour, Minute) or non date-time hierarchies (e.g. Country, Region, City) to progressively analyze the data and drill-down to the raw data, if necessary.

Oracle BAM can be used to monitor multiple factors that make up one or more key performance indicators (KPIs) to help the user determine if corrective action needs to be taken in the business environment. Action buttons can be created to be used directly on the dashboard to allow the business user to take immediate corrective action and/or BAM can be pre-configured to generate alerts.

Oracle BAM 12c comes with out-of-the-box dashboards for displaying statistics related to your own SOA composites and BPM processes.

Workload Analysis

Oracle BAM is a component of both SOA Suite and BPM Suite

Getting Started
See Oracle BAM running against real-time data and events.
Data Sheet
BAM 12.2.1 Solution Overview



Updates & News

12c Release 
BAM 12c has been released. SOA Suite 12c and BPM 12c have been released!

New 12.2.1 VirtualBox VM available
12c Release
SOA Suite and BPM Suite includes BAM 12c - Available now!
Find links to download 12c, as well as any pre-requisites you need to install.
To install you will need to run RCU to create the required database. You cannot use the 'quickstart' install for Oracle BAM.  
Links to the product documentation can be found here.

11g Release Documentation


VirtualBox VM for SOA Suite 12.2.1 is now available on Oracle Technology Network!
Includes SOA Suite (including Business Activity Monitoring), Stream Explorer and Managed File Transfer.

A VirtualBox VM of for SOA Suite 12.2.1 is available for trial, training and demos. This virtual machine includes the following products:

  • Oracle SOA Suite 12.2.1 (including Oracle Service Bus and Business Activity Monitoring)
  • Oracle Stream Explorer 12.2.1
  • Oracle Managed File Transfer 12.2.1
  • Oracle JDeveloper 12.2.1

You must use VirtualBox version 5 (5.0.20 or higher) which you can download from

To learn more, visit the Oracle Technology Network Virtual Machine page.