Banco do Brasil Monitors Budgets in Real Time, Generates Financial Reports In Minutes Instead of Months
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Banco do Brasil Monitors Budgets in Real Time, Generates Financial Reports In Minutes Instead of Months

Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil) is a mixed-economy banking institution with the participation from the Brazilian Federal government. It was created by Prince D. João in 1808 and since then has actively participated in Brazil’s economy, history, culture, and development. It has a presence throughout the country, with more than 5,000 branches and more than 40,000 ATMs. In addition, Banco do Brasil has continually expanded its international presence—with more than 40 service locations abroad, including branches, subbranches, business units and offices, and subsidiaries.

When the bank’s internally-developed financial budgeting and simulation tool failed to keep pace with growth and modernization, Banco do Brasil replaced its legacy tool with Oracle Hyperion Planning to expand business visibility for its 30-member board of directors. With Oracle Hyperion Planning, the bank automated report generation—a process that had previously taken up to two months—and achieved real-time monitoring of its planned budget. In addition, the implementation enabled the bank to extend greater information access to provide better service to customers.




A word from Banco do Brasil

  • “Oracle Hyperion Planning is the ideal IT platform for optimizing budget processes. With this tool we can provide our 30-member board of directors with daily updates regarding the bank’s financial planning and generate reports in seconds, supporting our executives’ strategic decision-making.” – Flávio Saba Santos Estrela, Executive Manager of the Controllership Board, Banco do Brasil

  • Replace a legacy, internally-developed financial budgeting and simulation system, which was unable to keep pace with the bank’s international growth
  • Monitor the bank’s annual budget closely, and on a global scale, to make more strategic business decisions
  • Provide the institution’s 30-member board of directors with the ability to change financial system parameters and generate reports without assistance from the IT department


  • Worked with Oracle partner Accenture to implement Oracle Hyperion Planning to obtain a quick and simple planning, budgeting, and simulation system that is accessible online and monitors the conglomerate’s overall results as well as each of the bank’s businesses and strategic units—in Brazil and abroad
  • Offered expanded view of the business to directors, throughout dashboards with daily monitoring regarding annual budget’s progress, enabling directors to change course and avoid negative financial impact on the bank’s business segments, such as real estate, credit, and insurance markets
  • Provided the institution’s 30-member board of directors with autonomy from the IT department to change or create new reports
  • Acquired the ability to format reports instantly—a process that previously took one to two months, since it completely depended on the IT department
  • Provided new channels and uses of budgetary information—such as obtaining financial planning through customers portfolios or through sales and service channels, including the customer service center, internet, and ATMs
  • Migrated the bank’s well-established budget processes to Oracle Hyperion Planning, thanks to the tool’s flexibility
  • Automated budget monitoring and financial reports from other bank systems, eliminating manual intervention, and enhancing data reliability
  • Delivered more data to directors, such as simulations and projections, based on up-to-date information, to enable better service to customers

Why Oracle

After researching the market, Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil) chose Oracle Hyperion Planning because it is robust and secure. Flávio Saba Santos Estrela, executive manager of the controllership board, Banco do Brasil added, “We found Oracle Hyperion Planning had structured workflow functionality and a more effective interface with Microsoft Office than competitor offerings.”

Partner – Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil) worked with Accenture to implement Oracle Hyperion Planning.

“Accenture handled all documentation and a large amount of the programming, as well as developed system formulas and parameters. In terms of meeting our deadline, the project was a success, especially considering the complexity of the bank’s budgeting process,” Estrela said.

The system went live in seven months—less than the eight months normally required for this type of implementation, due to support from Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services .