BANRED Launches New Customer Services to Fuel Growth While Achieving Redundancy and Reverse Contingency Between Data Centers
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BANRED Launches New Customer Services to Fuel Growth While Achieving Redundancy and Reverse Contingency Between Data Centers

BANRED S.A. provides specialized financial transaction processing services, compensation of receipts and payments, and it ensures safe, high-quality information exchanges that meet the legal requirements of the public and private sectors. The company supports these functions through a specialized, state-of-the-art teleprocessing network.

BANRED’s two data centers, located in Quito and Guayaquil, together process 18 million monthly transactions from 90 affiliated financial institutions. Transactions vary from fund withdrawals from tellers’ windows, to balance verifications. To execute these transactions online, with full redundancy and contingency in both its data centers, BANRED worked with Oracle Platinum Partner redPartner S.A. to implement Oracle GoldenGate, as well as Oracle Database, Standard Edition, to eliminate manual data handling and make all information available online, 24/7, for banking clients.

Specifically, BANRED reduced the time to make information available online after replication, from at least one hour to five seconds. In addition, the company established a fraud detection and prevention system, fueled by online information. Further, it created new products and services to enhance growth and customer service.




A word from BANRED S.A.

  • “We can sleep peacefully knowing that Oracle GoldenGate takes care of the contingency-based, reverse-replication processes from Guayaquil to Quito, and vice versa. This solution is so reliable that we are looking to standardize on it to eliminate for the need for the end-of-day consolidations with the banks and institutions that use our services.” – Alejandro Mendiburo, Technology Leader, BANRED S.A.

  • Achieve contingency and redundancy in the Guayaquil and Quito data centers to keep systems updated and online, 24/7, to serve the banks that comprise the company’s network
  • Keep all transaction data synchronized and updated between the two data centers to avoid information loss and prevent system downtime
  • Create a robust fraud detection and prevention environment for their customers,based on transactional information


  • Worked with Oracle Platinum Partner redPartner to implement Oracle GoldenGate to provide replication and contingency for Linux-based servers at the Guayaquil and Quito data centers
  • Improved ability to keep data center systems updated, online, and providing full availability and contingency through a reverse-replication process
  • Installed a second instance of Oracle GoldenGate to send data from the main transaction system to Oracle Database, Standard Edition, to reconcile transactions, such as ATM transactions, and to monitor operational risk—providing uninterrupted, error-free service
  • Improved internal processes to accelerate information updates and reduce failure points
  • Eliminated the need to transmit data manually to the database via file transfer protocol, providing information to customers exactly when they need it
  • Made information available in five seconds after replication, rather than the one hour minimum wait that was previously required
  • Replicated information automatically to Oracle Database, Standard Edition, which mitigates manual transmission processes and reduces potential for errors
  • Established a fraud detection and prevention system, made possible due to having all information online, compared to previous scenarios, when information was analyzed at the end of the day after performing batch processes that collected transactional information
  • Leveraged availability of additional information to drive new product development—such as sending short message service messages to customers, transactional control, and risk management―improving customer service and fueling growth
  • Reduced information management incidents from 35 in 2009, to 1 in 2011
  • Worked with My Oracle Support to validate the software and maintain high availability for Oracle GoldenGate

Why Oracle

“Information availability is critical, both for recovery schemes and for analyzing information. Oracle GoldenGate is so reliable that one of our technology dreams is to make it the standard for our client banks, eliminating the need for daily consolidation. Oracle played a very active role in planning our Oracle deployments, and it continues to participate in managing our solutions,” said Alejandro Mendiburo, technology leader for BANRED S.A.