Law Firm Builds Agile Infrastructure With Xsigo

Law Firm Builds Agile Infrastructure With Xsigo

Farrer and Company, a top tier independent law firm in London, has both a centuries-long legal tradition and a very modern emphasis on IT innovation. Named by London’s The Times newspaper as a technology “early adopter,” the 400 person firm views IT as a tool to increase process efficiency and to provide clients with the highest possible quality of service.

Business Challenges

A word from Farrer

  • “Only Xsigo provided the combination of attributes we wanted...when we evaluated Xsigo’s fabric, we found that it was fast, resilient, and easily scaled.” - Andy Beech, IT Operations Manager, Farrer & Co

When the firm’s IT department set out to modernize and consolidate their server infrastructure -- which consisted of 60 rack mount servers equipped with direct attached storage -- they had a number of objectives in mind.

The first objective was to provide a faster, more responsive and more robust user experience. Andy Beech, the firm’s IT Operations Manager, commented, “Our previous infrastructure was hardwired. Each server had direct attached storage, ran a specific application and was cabled into specific networks. Consequently, it was very difficult to match resources to workloads. We knew that server virtualization would help, but we also wanted to ensure that our infrastructure would not limit either performance or flexibility.”

A second goal was to save space. As the firm grew, every square meter within their central London data center had been consumed. Because this was some of the world’s most costly real estate, it was critical to accommodate the firms’ rapidly increasing demand for IT services within the existing footprint.

The third objective was to establish a disaster recovery capability. “We knew we needed a DR facility for our main data center,” Andy continued, “and we wanted a flexible infrastructure that we could manage remotely to as great an extent as possible.”

In planning the project, it was clear that server virtualization would be one of the project’s pillars. But it was also clear that a traditional infrastructure would be inadequate to meet the firm’s continuously changing needs. “We get a lot of short notice requirements,” said Peter East, Farrer’s Infrastructure Supervisor. “And client requests now have a much higher information technology component than in the past. More collaborative services and easier access to attorneys and information are now the rule. We need to respond quickly when these new demands arise.”

Options Considered

Xsigo Delivers a more Agile Data Center

Efficiency Result

Future Expansion Plans

A Major Win for the Firm




  • Quickly meet evolving user require-ments with a more agile infrastructure
  • Reduce space consumption
  • Implement flexible DR capacity with remote management capabilities


Oracle Product and Services

  • Xsigo
  • Infrastructure configuration changes made in minutes, not days
  • Greater I/O capacity reduced number of servers required by 33%
  • Remotely manageable DR site

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