LinkPlus A.Ş. Helps Customers Experience and Assess Extreme Computing at New Test Center
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LinkPlus A.Ş. Helps Customers Experience and Assess Extreme Computing at New Test Center

  • Oracle Customer:  LinkPlus
    Location:  Istanbul, Turkey
    Industry:  Professional Services
    Employees:  20
    Annual Revenue:  Under $100 Million

LinkPlus A.Ş. is one of the largest value-added providers of IT services in Turkey in terms of breadth and depth of services and solution components. It focuses on increasing its partners’ ability to take fully enabled software, hardware, and service solutions to their end customers, irrespective of the vertical market segment represented. The value-added business model of LinkPlus covers pre-sales services, consultancy, technical support, and logistics from a single source. It also provides financing for funding IT projects.




A word from LinkPlus

  • “At our Oracle Exadata Database Machine test center, we enable businesses to experience first hand―and with low risk―the power of the solution that improves processing efficiency, reduces costs, accelerates data center modernization, and advances cloud computing initiatives.” – Volkan Nalci, Business Development Manager, LinkPlus A.Ş.

  • Enable the Oracle partner community in Turkey to optimize the performance of customers’ business applications—including Oracle, custom, and independent software vendor (ISV)-developed software
  • Enable LinkPLus’ enterprise clients to conduct performance testing of their data warehousing, consolidation of mixed workloads, and online transaction processing (OLTP) applications on Oracle Exadata Database Machine to experience extreme computing capabilities
  • Assist partners in obtaining certification of ISV applications on Oracle Exadata Database Machine


Oracle Product and Services

  • Established the first Oracle Exadata Database Machine demo center in Turkey, enabling current and potential customers and independent software vendors to test Oracle Exadata Database Machine, live with their own data, to assess the benefits it can deliver
  • Enabled Oracle partners, as well as present and potential customers, to experience the processing capabilities of Oracle Exadata Database Machine and run proofs of concept to identify performance improvements before making a purchase―thereby, reducing risk
  • Certified independent software vendor applications on Oracle Exadata Database Machine to enable vendors to integrate Exadata into a go-to-market strategy by proving the performance and quality of applications
  • Demonstrated Oracle Exadata Database Machine's high compression ratios (hybrid columnar compression) and ability to store up to 40-times more of customers’ real data, equipping them to significantly reduce costs on multiple compression tiers, cost-effectively modernize data centers, and enable cloud computing
  • Consolidated five different databases of an insurance company onto a single Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 quarter rack to increase the average query performance by a factor of 15 and reduce operational expenses substantially
  • Consolidated two OLTP and reporting databases of an industrial manufacturing company into a single Exadata Database Machine to cut down the required storage capacity by a factor of eight, increase reporting performance substantially, reduce backup size and duration, and significantly decrease time for extract-transform-load operations