Seguros Los Andes Optimizes Insurance Policy Management, Makes Patient Admissions 40% More Efficient
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Seguros Los Andes Optimizes Insurance Policy Management, Makes Patient Admissions 40% More Efficient

  • Oracle Customer:  Seguros Los Andes C.A.
    Location:  Tachira, Venezuela
    Industry:  Insurance
    Employees:  410
    Annual Revenue:  $100 to $500 Million

Seguros Los Andes C.A. is an insurance company with branches in 13 cities in states throughout Venezuela. With 56 years of experience in the insurance market, it offers a wide range of products—including personal, automobile, property, and healthcare insurance, as well as bonds.

Seguros Los Andes needed to manage its insurance offerings more efficiently. As part of its effort to develop and optimize Web portals for brokers, health clinics, and auto repair shops, the company deployed Oracle Application Express and Oracle Application Server. It also replaced IBM’s DB2 with Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition, taking advantage of Oracle's natural integration with Acselx, the company’s core insurance system, which is a specialized, centralized system, built on Oracle’s architecture and developed by Oracle Partner Consis International. By developing a portal for healthcare clinics, the company automated the clinics’ admissions processes and improved efficiency for patient admissions by 40%.




A word from Seguros Los Andes C.A.

  • “Oracle Application Express enabled the creation of Web portals, establishing us as a pioneering company for managing insurance services in Venezuela. This competitive advantage helped us improve our customer and supplier services.” – Hector Castiblanco, Manager of Technology, Seguros Los Andes C.A.

  • Deploy portals to provide Web-based services to various business units—including broker management and health coverage—and to simplify the process for auto insurance quotations
  • Automate processes—including clinic patient admissions—to optimize managing the company’s various types of insurance and improving customer service


  • Deployed Oracle Application Express to develop Web portals, linked to the company’s third-party core system, optimizing customer care and relationships with suppliers, including clinics and auto repair shops, by facilitating online hospitalization approvals and automatic repair order distribution, respectively
  • Deployed Oracle Application Server as the company’s application server, improving the performance of its core system and automating processes—including server memory consumption, load management, and user management—previously run manually
  • Implemented Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition to replace the DB2 database from IBM, simplifying management of the insurance database
  • Developed a Web portal for auto repair shops, which enabled the repair center and Seguros Los Andes to interact online and automatically send repair orders
  • Implemented a portal for insurance brokers, providing the profiles of all customers, including policies, claims, and commissions receivables—optimizing insurance management by providing quotations and issuing policies online
  • Accelerated processes, like claims evaluations, by sending notifications to customer-claim handlers
  • Optimized service to health insurance customers, by approving patient admissions online, improving admissions efficiency by 40%
  • Deployed Oracle solutions and the company’s core insurance business, using Oracle’s Sun servers as application servers, and a Sun server running Oracle Solaris to deploy the main database, replacing IBM AS400 servers, which has improved speed, performance, and reliability, providing the highest possible operation levels
  • Worked with My Oracle Support to set up, control, and manage the database

Why Oracle

“Seguros Los Andes chose Oracle Application Express, along with Oracle Application Server and Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition, to optimize core system management. The security of Oracle’s solutions, the quality of its products, and the database management capabilities played a key role in our decision to choose Oracle,” said Hector Castiblanco, manager of technology, Seguros Los Andes C.A.

Implementation Process

After acquiring its core insurance system from a third-party provider and putting it into production in 2006, Seguros Los Andes deployed Oracle Application Express, Oracle Application Server, and Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition to develop portals and optimize insurance and service management for customers and suppliers.

With Oracle solutions, deployed on Sun servers, running Oracle Solaris, Seguros Los Andes developed three key business portals. Thanks to Oracle, in less than one year, the company created a portal to serve brokers, health clinics, and auto repair shops.