TAFE Queensland Cuts Process-Related Helpdesk Calls More Than 20%, Eliminates over 50% of Data Entry Errors
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TAFE Queensland Cuts Process-Related Helpdesk Calls More Than 20%, Eliminates over 50% of Data Entry Errors

TAFE Queensland is one of the largest providers of practical, high-quality vocational training in Australia. Through its network of 90 campuses, the organization offers some 800 courses and trains more than 180,000 students each year. Courses span a range of vocational areas, including arts and entertainment, automotive, building and construction, business and financial services, engineering, and mining.

TAFE Queensland is fully funded by the Queensland Government’s Department of Education, Training and Employment.




A word from TAFE Queensland

  • “We chose Oracle User Productivity Kit because it provides staff members with flexible training options that enhance their learning experiences. We have cut helpdesk calls relating to basic TAFE management procedures by more than 20%, and reduced the need to correct data entry errors by more than 50%.” – Ross McCulloch, Manager, ISAS Business Support, Department of Education, Training and Employment, Queensland Government

  • Replace a text-based user training and help system, built on a RoboHelp document repository Website, to improve the quality of training for 2,400 academic and administrative users
  • Improve user familiarity and competency with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and reduce data entry errors due to lack of knowledge about the system’s features
  • Lower the number of user calls to the IT helpdesk about basic, TAFE management procedures, such as enrolling a new student in the PeopleSoft system
  • Establish processes that ensure users undertake all system training required to enable them to perform their specific roles, such as enrolling students or producing an award for a student


  • Cut the proportion of helpdesk calls relating to basic TAFE management procedures from 25% to less than 5% of all calls
  • Reduced the need for corrective action due to data entry errors by more than 50%, thereby lowering the institution’s administrative costs
  • Improved productivity significantly by equipping staff members with the knowledge to use the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system more efficiently and effectively
  • Enhanced the quality of learning by introducing an e-learning training tool that provides users with screen grabs and videos within training and help modules
  • Ensured academics and administrative users undertook the appropriate training by mapping the required learning modules for 57 defined roles across the institution
  • Introduced an automated security system whereby users cannot access the PeopleSoft system without first completing their mandated training modules
  • Minimized the need for face-to-face training sessions, as teachers and administrative staff can work through interactive training modules at their own pace
  • Ensured new training materials can be easily added in line with changes in user roles

Why Oracle

TAFE Queensland has a long track record with Oracle, having used PeopleSoft Campus Solutions across all operations since 2004.

Oracle User Productivity Kit ensures our staff members get the most from our investments in PeopleSoft software,” said Ross McCulloch, manager, ISAS business support, Department of Education, Training and Employment, Queensland Government. “We can now be confident they have undertaken all the training they require and have an efficient resource that can answer any queries that might arise as they undertake their daily work.”

Implementation Process

TAFE Queensland implemented Oracle User Productivity Kit in conjunction with an upgrade of its PeopleSoft Campus Community infrastructure in 2009. Information that had been stored in a legacy RoboHelp document repository was transferred to Oracle User Productivity Kit and augmented with screenshots and user tutorials.

“Oracle User Productivity Kit makes it very straightforward to create new training modules, based on our defined administrative roles,” said McCulloch. “Changes can be made and new materials added as required.

“Moving to Oracle User Productivity Kit at the time of the upgrade made it much easier to get our users up to speed quickly on the new software,” he added. “It improved efficiency and ensured that all of our staff knew how to perform their required tasks within the new environment.”