Targetbase Analyzes Marketing Data up to 40x Faster, Helps Clients Launch Targeted Marketing Campaigns Earlier
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Targetbase Analyzes Marketing Data up to 40x Faster, Helps Clients Launch Targeted Marketing Campaigns Earlier

Targetbase is a data-driven marketing agency that delivers customer engagement through database, digital, and direct marketing expertise. It uses data-driven insight to create powerful brand communications that combine the right messages and tactics through the best channels with optimal timing. The results are strong creative services that drive customer engagements and deliver motivated individuals, ready to take action.




A word from Targetbase

  • “With Oracle Exadata Database Machine, processing speeds are 10x to 40x faster. Queries that used to run in hours now run in minutes or even seconds. This is a huge advantage for providing rapid and in-depth analysis of client marketing initiatives. We are helping clients get relevant consumer-facing campaigns to market faster.” – Brad Peek, Senior Director, Technology

  • Boost processing power significantly to support the real-time capabilities required to deliver sophisticated marketing services for Targetbase customers
  • Integrate large volumes of social, retail, and point-of-sale (POS) data, such as Web blogs, to drive richer and more actionable insights for clients
  • Enable real-time analytics scoring and consumer-specific text mining on large volumes of marketing-related data
  • Increase throughput to enable clients to deliver the right marketing message to the right audience, at the right time
  • Gain the ability to quickly interpret raw consumer data and enable actionable insight


  • Expanded client marketing services—including analytics offerings—and boosted customer satisfaction by increasing throughput with Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Enabled advanced analytics and data mining in a single data warehouse and operational reporting on one platform—allowing quick processing and analyzing social media and Web blog data to yield actionable insights
  • Improved data processing performance of 26 terabytes of data warehouse data
  • Achieved up to a 40x improvement in the performance of ad hoc consumer data queries—completing processes that used to take hours in minutes and even seconds—to help clients launch targeted marketing campaigns faster
  • Deployed Oracle Active Data Guard to ensure client data is secure and recoverable in the event of a system outage
  • Performed updates, refreshing client key performance indicators 9x faster for more timely and accurate information
  • Reduced data storage costs by up to 30% using Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • Optimized data infrastructure investment with Oracle Partitioning
  • Integrated analytical modeling capabilities with client Web sites, POS systems, and enterprise resource planning systems to ensure real-time marketing information
  • Administered the system using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to monitor and regulate usage, ensuring high performance and availability

Why Oracle

“We’ve always been an Oracle shop, so migrating to Oracle Exadata Database Machine was an easy decision. Going Oracle-to-Oracle saved us time in not having to rewire applications into a different environment. And, we were confident in the performance gains that we could achieve with the solution,” said Brad Peek, senior director, Technology.