Oracle Applications Unlimited

Oracle Applications Unlimited and Oracle Premier Support

Applications and Support—An Unbeatable Combination

  • Oracle has been a trusted business partner for more than 40 years. Oracle is committed to supporting its existing applications with a stable and predictable long-term support policy that is designed to meet the needs of our customers. With this commitment, customers can confidently maximize and expand their existing Oracle Applications investments with ample time for future planning.
Committed to Customers
  • Oracle has a history of innovation. Moving forward, we plan to continue investing in our products with continuous innovation releases for product improvement and support. Oracle will deliver all new functionality to Oracle Applications1 as updates to the existing release; upgrades are not required to gain access to new features and capabilities. All fixes and updates are cumulative and available to all customers in the most current release2.
Committed to Innovation
  • Oracle understands that on-premises applications are important for many customers. Oracle has no intention to end Oracle Premier Support on the continuous innovation releases3 for on premises. Oracle will provide support through at least 2030 and we are committed to review and update annually—beginning in 2019—to extend support by one year. This provides customers with a rolling window of at least a decade for Oracle Premier Support.
Committed to Products

Oracle: Your Trusted Partner

Oracle has a long history of providing support to our customers and will be there for you in the future. We are committed to our customers’ success. The Oracle Lifetime Support Policy provides you with continuous product innovation and security with full transparency. With Oracle Premier Support you will receive the support, security, and updates to fuel your business success—now and in the future.

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1 PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Siebel.
2 For Oracle E-Business Suite, this will begin with the future 12.X release.
3 Oracle currently has no plans to end Oracle Premier Support on the continuous innovation releases. At Oracle's discretion, Oracle Premier Support availability through at least 2030 will be extended annually by one (1) year to ensure at least ten (10) years of Oracle Premier Support for the continuous innovation releases.