Streamline Employee Ordering

Oracle iProcurement is the self-service requisitioning application that controls employee spending. Oracle iProcurement provides a Web-based shopping system that allows employees to create, manage, and track their own orders while the Purchasing department retains central control. This helps to ensure that policies and preferred pricing agreements are reflected in every transaction. Easy ordering and seamless workflow provide better service, while non-sourced or off-catalog spending gets the attention it needs from buying professionals.

Key Features

  • Streamline employee ordering—eliminate error-prone paper processes with self-service ordering, while improving productivity and control
  • Enforce purchasing policy—enforce policies with unprecedented control and governance support
  • Slash procurement costs—lower your procurement costs by cutting transaction overhead, controlling maverick spending, and realizing the full value of your preferred supplier agreements
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Oracle iProcurement Release 12

Oracle iProcurement is among the better known and most widely used tools within the Oracle Advanced Procurement suite. R 12 includes ongoing improvements–some of which improve the cosmetics, while others represent major architectural advances. Major enhancements include:

  • New approval types
  • New user-interface options
  • New options for creating and maintaining favorites lists
  • Unified Catalog Architecture
  • Better Catalog Authoring Capability for Buyers, Suppliers and Catalog Administrators
  • Tolerance Based Change Request Routing and Approval
  • Content security enhancements that provide precise controls over which content is available to users