Simplify Trade Planning

Oracle Trade Management helps companies with complex, B2B trading relationships optimize the impact of their sales and marketing investments across the entire demand chain, from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer—and ultimately to the consumer. With closed loop planning, execution, and analysis, Oracle Trade Management helps you increase ROI on promotions and co-op programs, reduce claim costs, and manage promotion liabilities.

Oracle E-Business Suite Learning Subscription.

Key Features

  • Plan for Maximum Profitability
    Perform cost-benefit analyses to determine ideal product, price and promotion proposition for a specific customer target.
  • Streamline Execution
    Enable trade users to easily create and execute trade promotions. Enable sales reps to trade deals. Tie execution to performance requirements. Closely monitor retail compliance.
  • Control Costs and Budgets
    Gain complete fund management capabilities. Enable sales force to view planned, committed, earned, and paid levels of their discretionary sales dollars.
  • Manage Claims
    Prevent, resolve and reduce losses. Streamline the process of claims research and payment. Support all claims resolutions by write-off to a specific GL account.