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Data Tools in Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Database comes with built-in, easy-to-use self-service data management tools. Business and data analysts can quickly connect to other systems, load data, construct reusable transformation processes, generate performance-optimized business models for use in analytics, and find immediate data insights and anomalies.

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Data tools features

Wizard-driven data ingest

Data loading selects data from your local computer, tables in other databases, or cloud storage. It then loads that data into new or existing tables in the Oracle Autonomous Database, links to data held in cloud storage, or continuously feeds the data in from a connected cloud store as it is generated.

Data transformation without coding

An easy-to-use user interface enables you to create data transformation flows on data from a wide range of connected systems — without writing any code. Drag and drop the components on the design canvas and connect them to design reusable data flows that clean, join, merge, aggregate and optimize your data for downstream use.

Smart business models

Create business models to describe related business entities derived from data in an Oracle Autonomous Database schema or other sources. The tool enables you to create a common semantic model on top of your data identifying hierarchies, dimensions, measures and calculations, which can then be used in a number of analysis applications, with query performance fully optimized by the Oracle Autonomous Database.

Automated data insights

Quickly gain insights and detect anomalies from your data using built-in algorithms from the business models constructed in the data analysis tool, or from base tables.

Find and understand your data

Understand data dependencies and the impact of changes. Use the catalog to get information about the entities in the database, such as data sets, data origination, a statistical analysis of each entities’ data, and the impact that changing the source of an entity may have on other entities.

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March 17, 2021

Autonomous Database data tools

Patrick Wheeler, Vice President Product Management

We've made the database administrator’s life easy with Autonomous Data Warehouse, taking the drudgery out of the job, and freeing up time to do higher value work. But there are other users of the database–data analysts, application developers, and data scientists, too.

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Data Tools documentation

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