Workforce Analytics product tour

Discover untapped potential in the workforce with analytics

HCM KPIs overview

Get a comprehensive view of your workforce

Increase visibility across all HR processes, including recruiting, attrition, employee engagement, skills, talent, absence, compensation, and more with best practice prebuilt key performance indicators (KPIs).

Workforce Composition view

Analyze workforce composition and trends


Examine headcount in multiple ways, such as by job family, length of tenure, or top talent. Monitor trends year over year by various categories, including age band and geography.

Diversity Analysis view

Understand the impact of diversity across the organization


Analyze various facets of diversity, such as employee gender, pay grade, ethnicity, tenure, age, country of employment, and more against organizational goals.

Team Effectiveness view

Get a holistic view of team strengths and weaknesses


Apply a consistent framework to manage the workforce across organizations and departments. Examine and compare key metrics, such span of control, gender ratio, compa-ratio, employee retention, promotions, and average years of service. Include external data to enhance the decision-making process.

Internal Mobility visualization

Understand changing workforce dynamics


Ensure employee satisfaction and reduce attrition by analyzing mobility factors, such as internal transfers, reorganizations, and grade changes over time. Understand the root cause of headcount gains and losses to fine-tune mobility policies and processes.

Headcount Gains and Losses view

Visualize and discover new career paths


Create new opportunities and reduce attrition by analyzing mobility trends for jobs, grades, and positions.

Attrition Analysis view

Gain in-depth understanding of turnover and retention


Refine employee retention strategies by monitoring trends and analyzing KPIs for different workforce segments, such as new hires or top talent.

Assess the factors that contribute to employee turnover, such as compensation, performance, demographics, and tenure.

Attrition ML explanation view

Discover unforeseen drivers of attrition


Using embedded machine learning, quickly understand the factors that influence attrition of high performers and new hires.

Top Talent Retention Analysis view

Identify flight risk by predicting which employee groups are likely to leave


Analyze performance and career growth potential against compensation and employee engagement levels to identify potential flight risks earlier and take appropriate action.

Absences Analysis view

Understand the impact of absences


Identify frequency and type of absences to minimize negative effects on teams' productivity.

Slice and dice absence data by different dimensions, such as performance rating, location, trends, and more.

Absence diversity view

Uncover biases by examining absenteeism

Absences and diversity and inclusion

Foster a more equitable and inclusive environment by monitoring and understanding various metrics around absences, approvals, and rejections.

Covid and Headcount Analysis view

Enrich your HR data with additional sources


Extend analyses by leveraging more than 50 native, self-service connectors to access other Oracle and non-Oracle data sources.

Finance and Workforce view

Understand how the workforce supports larger business goals

Cross departmental

Break down data silos by efficiently tracking key performance Indicators (KPIs) across HR, finance, supply chain, marketing, and sales.