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Oracle Hospitality for Sports and Entertainment—Simphony First Edition

Optimize the Fan Experience

Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition allows sports and entertainment operators to optimize the performance of their food and beverage operations while delivering a first-class fan experience.

Simphony First Edition

Simphony First Edition offers an easy-to-use interface, enabling fast customer service and minimal staff training.

POS for Sports and Entertainment

POS for Sports and Entertainment

  • Run your entire sales operation from one system—concessions, premium, retail
  • Improve service speed with a POS that extends effortlessly to mobile devices
  • React to new innovations in payment and service with faster deployment
  • Extend easily to include loss prevention, loyalty, and inventory management
  • Innovate and integrate—leverage APIs for mobile payment, online ordering, and more
Blog: Miami Marlins Use Oracle Hospitality Loyalty to Orchestrate Employee Meal Programs
Mobile POS for Sports and Entertainment

From line-busting and reduced wait times, to in-seat or booth ordering at sporting events, concerts, or convention centers, Oracle Hospitality mobile solutions help provide immediate fan service while increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing the fan experience. Oracle Simphony First Edition can run on Oracle MICROS Tablet 720, Oracle MICROS Tablet R-Series, Motorola MC 40 (CE), and Motorola MC 55a (CE).

How to Become a World-Class Venue with Technology

How to Become a World-Class Venue with Technology

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (SGCT) runs over 450 point-of-sale terminals across the SGCT and Allianz stadium, serving 90,000 patrons.

The venue operators chose Oracle Hospitality Simphony to improve the fan experience, increase revenue, and handle a large number of transactions at peak times.

The Oracle Hospitality solution has helped transform the SCGT into a world-class venue.

The SCGT was the first venue in Australia to offer in-seat ordering, where fans can place an order for food and drink and then head to an express lane within the stadium to collect their refreshments.

Since transforming their operation, the SCGT has seen an increase of 10-20 percent in sales across both venues.

A Single Platform for your Venue
  • Concessions: Provide quick and efficient service to guests, especially at peak times
  • Premium: Table service functionality allows you to run an efficient restaurant operation
  • Retail: Process merchandise and other retail sales using Simphony First Edition
Extend with a Fully Integrated Platform
  • Gift and loyalty: Create innovative loyalty programs to engage fans and incentivize season ticket holders
  • Inventory management: Minimize costs by improving visibility of your stock and reducing waste
  • Loss prevention: Protect your business by identifying and reducing employee shrinkage
POS for Stadiums, Arenas, and Theme Parks

Simphony First Edition for Stadiums and Theme Parks

Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition allows stadium, arena, theme park, and convention-center operators to maximize food and beverage revenues and efficiency. With the acquisition of MICROS, Oracle Hospitality has gained years of experience in delivering scalable solutions that maximize revenues and guest satisfaction.

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