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Oracle database security

Reduce the risk of a data breach and simplify compliance with Oracle database security solutions for encryption, key management, data masking, privileged user access controls, activity monitoring, and auditing.

Person standing on circular stones holding a spear and shield.
World’s First Self-Securing Database

Oracle Autonomous Database automatically applies patches and includes always-on encryption and Oracle Data Safe.

Recognized Leader: Database Security

Oracle named overall leader for database and big data Security: KuppingerCole Leadership Compass.

How Oracle Database protects your data

Defend against threats with machine learning

Automate database security, including critical patches. Save time and minimize human error.

Article: Thinking Autonomous

Integrated solutions for better performance

Oracle Transparent Data Encryption and Oracle Database Vault operate directly from the database kernel, meaning they’re faster and easier to maintain.

Why Choose Oracle? Transparent Data Encryption (PDF)
Integrated solutions

Mitigate risks from users, data, and configurations

Get security assessments, activity auditing, sensitive data discovery, and data masking with Oracle Data Safe, a unified database security cloud service.

Blog post: Oracle Data Safe: Five Ways to Help Protect Your Digital Assets
Mitigate risks

Security in the cloud and on-premises

Meet control objectives, including encryption, access controls, auditing, and more with Oracle’s robust set of database security solutions, regardless of deployment type.

Securing the Oracle Database (PDF)

Database security solutions

Know your security posture and risk profile

Discover the sensitive and personal data in your database, assess how securely your database is configured, and get recommendations on improving security with Oracle database security assessment solutions.


Secure sensitive data at its core

Reduce the risk of a data breach and noncompliance with Oracle’s data protection solutions for a wide range of use cases, including encryption and key management, redaction, masking, and subsetting.


Enforce the principle of least privilege

Gain protection from stolen application service accounts and compromised admin accounts with solutions that offer separation of duties and multifactor authentication to enforce policies based on security privileges.


Detect threats and improve reporting

Detect and block threats in database activity, simplify and accelerate compliance reporting, and help to identify risky user behavior with Oracle’s database auditing and monitoring solutions.


Get automatic protection from attacks

Oracle Autonomous Database, now with Oracle Data Safe, automatically protects itself from vulnerabilities and attacks via zero-downtime patching, always-on encryption, separation of duties, and auditing.


Optimally run Oracle Database

Reduce operational complexities by consolidating Oracle Database onto Oracle Exadata, which is coengineered with Oracle Database to deliver unique performance and security advantages, including database-aware optimizations.


View all customer successes

Oracle database security customer successes

Oracle database security customers leverage a wide range of solutions to protect sensitive data from internal and external threats and to simplify and accelerate compliance efforts.

Epsilon logo

Epsilon uses Oracle Advanced Security to encrypt customer data as they move to the cloud

Benefits of Oracle database security

February 26, 2020

Oracle’s Maximum Security Architecture for Database Security

Sean Cahill, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Database Security

Learn about today’s cybersecurity threat vectors and how Oracle’s maximum security architecture for database security helps organizations to mitigate the risk of a data breach. This blog post covers encryption, key management, access controls, auditing, and more, working together to protect databases and the sensitive data within.

Read the complete post


Introduction to Oracle database security

Familiarize yourself with Oracle Database’s rich set of security features and options to manage user accounts, authentication, privileges, application security, encryption, network traffic, auditing, and more.

Oracle database security documentation

Explore Oracle’s robust documentation for database security to understand functionality, improve your own skills, and troubleshoot issues. Dedicated sections include access management, application security, data encryption and redaction, and more.


AskTOM database security Office Hours

AskTOM Office Hours offers free, open Q&A sessions with Oracle Database experts who are eager to help you fully leverage the multitude of enterprise-strength database security tools available to your organization.

Learning Library

Oracle Learning Library

Discover content based on category, product, or content type with Oracle Learning Library. You can also learn new skills to help you develop your career and even collaborate with other users.

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Try Oracle Autonomous Database

Try Autonomous Database with tools such as Oracle Application Express and Oracle SQL Developer.

Run the Database Security Assessment Tool

Quickly identify your database security posture and get recommendations to mitigate risks.

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