Oracle Cloud EPM Platform

Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Platform is a framework of the technical and functional components shared among Cloud EPM processes. It enables you to have a more unified user experience and simplified administration across different business functions.

Cloud EPM Platform

Key capabilities

Smart View enables you to integrate ERP, enterprise performance management (EPM), and business intelligence (BI) data directly from the data source into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Using Smart View, you can view, import, manipulate, distribute and share data in Office-based interfaces.

Ad hoc and free-form analysis for cloud and on-premises

With an easy-to-use interface that provides powerful capabilities without need for writing complex queries, Smart View can access cloud and on-premises Oracle sources. Analysis can be saved locally or centrally, and can be reused period to period with a simple one-click refresh.

Form and flex form interaction

With flex forms, working with predefined forms does not restrict powerful Excel features, as users can still take advantage of sorting, filtering, and other native Excel functionality.

Report design

With Smart View, you can leverage the capabilities of data retrieves for reporting. Once the data is available within Office, users can create reports, documents, and presentations based on a combination of data sources. Create reports in Office that can be refreshed periodically as needed.

Pre-created content access

There is no need to recreate content, such as charts or grids, within your source system. Whether you are importing in Word, Powerpoint, or Excel, the imported content can be refreshed directly in the Office environment.

See Smart View for Office product details
Watch a Smart View for Office tutorial video (6:57)

Reporting and analytics


Leverage dashboards with advanced charting and visualization capabilities that also support the write-back of data. Users can easily create new dashboards with a point-and-click designer or manipulate existing dashboards to support their analysis and tasks at hand.


Powerful reporting capabilities with built-in financial intelligence enable you to understand variances. Reports can be used interactively to provide analysis and drill-to-source, or can be run in report books. Reports can also be bursted and sent to users on a schedule.

KPIs and infolets

Critical key performance indicators are readily available to stakeholders via infolets on the user's home screen.

Web ad hoc query capabilities

Nonpower users can easily investigate the data to perform a more detailed analysis with next-generation ad hoc query capabilities directly in the web interface.

Available on any device

Access all your reporting and analysis content on desktop, web, or mobile device.

See Narrative Reporting product details

Data integration

Integrate data from multiple types of source applications

Easily integrate your critical sources to your Oracle Cloud EPM application, regardless of whether the source is on-premises or cloud, Oracle, or a third-party.

Drill to transaction details in the source system

Delivers the ability to access and understand the detailed transactions underlying the data in the EPM application, with all data source access controls enforced.

Extract data to integrate into other systems

Provides the ability to extract data from your EPM application to integrate into other environments, such as a data lake, warehouse, or operational system.

EPM automate

Powerful automation utility for automating and interfacing to Cloud EPM for nearly all administrative needs. Allows easy integration into your third-party scheduler or from a command line.


Comprehensive REST APIs allow broader integration into other processes and web services that fit with your company's IT strategy.

Integration with other applications

Cloud EPM content, including forms, reports, and other artifacts, can be integrated into Oracle Cloud ERP and other Oracle and non-Oracle applications. This provides comprehensive capabilities to users to get at the content they need, when they need it, where they need it.

Task management

Orchestrate critical processes

With built-in process and task management, users understand exactly what they need to do and when it needs to be done.

Comprehensive task types

Tasks can be manual or automated, and can be executed based on when precedent tasks complete or on a schedule.


Critical EPM tasks, such as providing content for a financial disclosure, require certification. Oracle Cloud EPM's task management supports certifications that need to be completed before the task can be marked complete.

Report binders

Auditors often review the tasks to complete a financial close process. Creating a report binder from Cloud EPM task management allows you to easily deliver this for review by your auditors.

Intelligent performance management

Empower finance to become data driven with IPM

IPM applies data science and machine learning to enable finance professionals to be more data driven, impacting key areas of the business, and take advantage of potential missed opportunities.

Speed up data analysis to take faster action with Insights

Use embedded AI and machine learning (ML) to continually monitor your plans, forecasts, and variances, so you’ll be alerted about any anomalies, biases—as well as hidden correlations. Relevant insights now come straight to you, empowering you to take the right action in time.

Improve decisions with predictive planning

Identify and leverage patterns in your financial and operational data to improve accuracy and be better prepared. Run predictions on the latest actuals and factor those into your plans for more timely, objective decisions.

See Planning product details
Read the solution brief: Insights in Oracle Cloud EPM (PDF)
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Intelligent process automation

Automate consolidations

Cloud EPM uses the power of intelligent automation to perform tasks when conditions are met and users are not taxing the system. This helps speed consolidations and the overall close process, and frees up staff to focus on more value-added activities.

Orchestrate a connected close

Orchestrate your complete financial close, from subledger to reporting, including your critical consolidation process. With manual and automated task management, as well as complete upstream and downstream visibility, Cloud EPM helps optimize your close process.

Auto-match reconciliations

Significantly reduce the time spent on your account reconciliation process with powerful transaction matching and auto-reconciliation capabilities.

Automatically generate narrative in reports

Generate narrative via conditional text generation to provide additional insight to those reading your reports.

See Account Reconciliation product details
See Financial Consolidation and Close product details

Next-generation user experience

Intuitive and engaging interface

Access all your EPM business processes via a single, intuitive homepage that enables users to complete all their necessary tasks—quickly and efficiently.

Personalized flows for users/groups

Cloud EPM delivers personalized navigation flows to users and groups that guide users through the activities needed to complete a given business process. For example, a user can complete all the tasks required for the complete financial close, including financial consolidation, account reconciliation, tax reporting, and narrative reporting.

Oracle Digital Assistant for EPM

With a digital assistant, you can increase the speed and accuracy of your account reconciliation process. Instantly view, comment, and check balances and tasks, such as “recons due today. Manage journals and close tasks for any period, query for strategic KPIs, and more. Access the digital assistant from the web interface as well as third-party collaboration applications.

See Digital Assistant product details


Flexible configurations

The latest technological capabilities are automatically deployed to your environment. You can initialize business processes as needed and opt in with a single click.

Security and access controls

Security is critical. Oracle Cloud EPM has a robust security framework that ensures users are secured in what they can do, while preventing access to areas they are not granted permission to.

Application monitoring and management

Complete application monitoring and management of your Cloud EPM deployment allows your IT administrators to maintain agile, streamlined business processes across your operations.


Built-in job management and scheduling capabilities enhances the functionality provided by task management. Schedule critical jobs and track their status via Oracle Cloud EPM.

Thousands of customers choose Oracle Cloud EPM as their complete solution for connected planning, financial close, and performance management.

Oracle Cloud EPM Platform customer successes

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Kraft Heinz embraces the future with Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM

Oracle Performance Management Platform Key Benefits

Unified, single point of access across Cloud EPM and Cloud ERP processes

Simplify signing in to multiple Cloud EPM and ERP processes with just one login.

Watch how to embed content in other systems using direct links (5:02)

Unified user experience across business processes

Speed up user acceptance and adoption with common elements across business processes, such as forms, charts, preferences and settings, and more.

Watch: Creating charts in Cloud EPM (4:11)
Watch: Navigating with dynamic tabs (4:55)

Consistent reporting and metadata management across Cloud EPM and ERP

Integrated corporate reporting between EPM and ERP Cloud simplifies internal and external reporting.

Watch: Reporting in the new Cloud EPM Platform (5:32)

Work across cloud and on-premises applications with a single interface

The Smart View interface enables you to work with cloud and on-premises applications easily and seamlessly.

Watch: Entering and saving plan data in Smart View (4:22)

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