Oracle Network Analytics Suite

Access deep insights into network traffic through AI-enabled analytics and troubleshooting tools.

Enable an analytics-driven network

Oracle Network Analytics Suite is a portfolio of statistical and predictive core network analytics solutions that leverage ML and AI. These solutions help telcos use relevant, trusted historical data to make strategic decisions and unbiased predictions about their network.

Monitor, manage, and automate your network

Enables CSPs to efficiently handle their network operations based on statistical information from past events and predictive information.

Flexible deployment options

Provides CSPs with options to deploy on both public and private clouds.

Enables the benefits of 3GPP Release 16 and 17

Supports 3GPP Release 16 and 17 use cases, while also addressing a comprehensive set of use cases not defined under 3GPP for a wider approach to managing and optimizing the network.

Security-first approach

Offers a secure approach for most critical workloads with improved visibility of threats and vulnerabilities.

Centralized data aggregation

Allows CSPs to effectively manage critical network data to drive decisions based on analytics. It provides centralized data aggregation for NF data feeds and non-3GPP APIs and offloads the 5G core NFs workload to distribute traffic across multiple tools, providing useful inputs for further analytics-based operations.

Secure transport

Secures data communication between producer NFs and third-party consumer applications. Supports end-to-end transport layer security (TLS) encryption for 5G core messages.

High availability and georedundancy

Ensures data redundancy and reliability through a distributed, fault tolerant system. Supports temporary storage to address network disruptions through backup and restore procedures.

Data replication, filtering, and correlation

Filters and correlates the information feed based on metadata and 5G core message headers and parameters.

Oracle Network Analytics Suite benefits

01Cloud native and DevOps enabled

Easily deploy on public or private cloud.

02Multivendor support

Offers flexibility, increased pace of innovation, and the avoidance of vendor lock-ins.

03Access to valuable insights

Provides health metrics and tracing with the capability to monitor feeds for network analytics.

04Enhanced security and a unified single pane of glass view into the network

Offers advanced security management features and intuitive data visualizations with simplified graphics.

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