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Maximize utilities’ capital investment

Planning Execution Operations

Project and asset lifecycle management for utilities

Digitize and automate your capital project planning, execution, and operations and maintenance processes to reduce risk and improve visibility, auditability, and operational reliability across the project and asset lifecycle.

Integrated data and processes provide you with the information and process efficiency you need to maximize your capital budget while reducing risk and protecting your reputation.

Past and current project data informs capital planning

Oracle Primavera Cloud Portfolio is a preconfigured cloud-based capital planning solution purpose-built to plan, control, and strategically analyze your capital investment portfolios over 10, 20, or even 30-plus years.

Oracle’s solution, built on decades of capital planning expertise, is easy to use and flexible, bringing consistency and objectivity to your planning process.

Integrations with project controls and ERP systems ensure alignment in the development of budget and portfolio scenarios.

Project Comparison Report

Project Comparison Dashboard

Compare and contrast projects

Leverage current and past project data to select, approve, and accurately budget new projects.

Align your capital projects and programs with your organization's strategic goals by easily accessing up-to-date, relevant project information and using consistent prioritization criteria and processes.

Evaluation Score

Planned Budget

Evaluation criteria and scoring

Evaluate proposed projects based on your specified criteria and weights in relation to your target budget.

Measure and visualize risk and complexity to incorporate these important criteria into all prioritization and selection decisions.

Primavera Unifier for utilities

Primavera Unifier is built based on more than 20 years of capital program management expertise and leverages industry and customer best practices. It includes a base of more than 55 preconfigured, guided business processes for you to build on to help you execute projects successfully and maintain them efficiently.

Actuals and forecast against baseline

Cash flow curve is fed by the cost sheet and schedule

Cash flow management

Gain visibility into cash flow over time at both the project and portfolio levels.

Easily see how actuals and forecasts are trending against the baseline, and see the variance between the baseline, forecast, and actuals over time so you can take proactive action when needed.

Schedule-based cash flow management

The cash flow curve is fed by the cost sheet and schedule milestones, providing an accurate view of cash flow over time and across your projects.

Centrally manage, plan, and control costs (including budgets, POs, payments, change management, and bids) across your complete portfolio by leveraging integrated processes, consolidated data, and out-of-the-box reports and dashboards.

Funding management

Automate funding management across multiple external sources and internal budgets.

Administer simple and complex funding sources within and across projects. Manage funding changes efficiently and ensure compliance.

Contract management

Access and manage commits and contracts at the enterprise and project levels, including project-level commits against master agreements.

Leverage integrations with DocuSign and Adobe Acrobat Sign for digital signatures.

Project contracts and changes

Assign and track your commitment schedule of values to enforce governance.

Automate retention management to ensure appropriate payment and timing.

Improve collaboration by inviting vendors to work with you in the system.

Integrated change management

Speed up processes and reduce errors with one smooth flow by automating and integrating processes from bid through contract creation, change management, and cost, all in one solution, creating a single repository of all actions and decisions.

Form-based workflow engine

Primavera Unifier’s form-based workflows automatically generate the appropriate routing based on the form submission.

As an example, the RFI generates a related workflow and easily routes RFIs through multiple reviewers, including routing for subsequent reviews.

You determine the participants, and Primavera Unifier records and tracks all actions for easy access, review, and approval to help you keep all your critical projects on track.

Risk register

Risk details

Increase visibility to decrease risk

Reduce your overall risk by providing your team with access to a central risk register to help them identify more risks.

Easily track risks from identification and quantification through to action and resolution.

Predictive alerts within Primavera Unifier give you the information you need to take proactive action before your projects are impacted.

Punch list management

The Primavera Unifier form-based workflow engine automatically develops the punch list from the Owner Walk-Through form.

After creation, the Oracle system assigns individual punch list items to the responsible individuals, who are instantaneously notified through Primavera Unifier.

Due dates, inspection readiness, and closeouts are all communicated and tracked in Primavera Unifier to support timely project closeouts and on-time operations to meet the critical needs of your constituents.

Preventive maintenance

Set up assets within Primavera Unifier to automatically initiate, track, route, and close out preventive work orders based on time, performance, or warranty dates.

By automating preventive maintenance, in addition to eliminating manual tracking and administration, utilities can reduce dangerous outages and emergency repairs.

The resulting decrease in corrective maintenance saves money and improves operational efficiency.

Corrective maintenance

Automatically assign, track, route, and close out corrective maintenance work orders, from the service request through work completion and sign-off, to reduce manual tracking and assignment, improve operations, and save money.

Warranty management

Warranty coverage can equate to millions of dollars of avoided costs.

Prevent lost asset warranty information and missed coverage.

Ensure you take advantage of the full warranty benefits, including system-initiated inspection requests prior to the warranty expiration date.

Primavera Unifier integrations

As the name Primavera Unifier implies, in addition to being a powerful solution itself, it’s also a hub to integrate data, processes, and systems.

Oracle’s mature APIs, our own middleware, and hundreds of proven integrations, including with planning, scheduling, ERP, and EAM solutions, improve performance while decreasing integration time, cost, and risk.

Integrated cost and schedule management

The cost codes in the Primavera Unifier Cost Sheet can be assigned to the activities in the Primavera Unifier Activity Sheet. These activities are brought in through the integration with Primavera scheduling solutions.

The activity sheet is then aligned with the work breakdown structure (WBS), providing a complete picture of the costs associated with related schedule activities.

Owners can track and report on forecasts against schedule over time.

Integrated cost and schedule management puts an end to error-prone double entry and the risk of misalignment between cost and schedule systems.

Integrated capital planning and project execution

By integrating the cash flow between capital planning and project execution, planners can access up-to-date project actuals to inform their budgeting, enabling increased accuracy.

Meanwhile, project teams can always access up-to-date budget information, helping them keep projects on track by reducing budget-related project delays.

Primavera Unifier integrated with ERP

Extend the functionality of your ERP system with purpose-built capital project and portfolio management capabilities.

Integrating Primavera Unifier with your ERP system ensures you can access consistent data with no lag and allows the project team to manage their project forecasts, approvals, and vendor coordination without needing licenses for or entering noncommitted costs in the organization’s financial system.

Mobile application

Manage and approve business process records from wherever you are, online or offline. Receive notifications, create records, and attach photos from jobsites to keep project progress on track.

Burn Down tracking on shutdown turnaround event

Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud

Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud provides integrated data and insights from across Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions to help you gain more control and assurance over critical utilities processes, such as shutdown, turnaround, and outage management.

Easily track burn down hours, burn down costs, and schedule compliance.

Construction Intelligence Cloud Analytics

Construction Intelligence Cloud Advisor

Analysis and predictive insights

Construction Intelligence Cloud brings in data from multiple applications to provide both analysis and predictive insights.

Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Analytics can measure and monitor projects across their lifecycles.

Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Advisor uses predictive analysis to help reduce project risks and keep schedules on track.

Primavera Unifier reports and dashboards

Cut weeks off reporting time with Primavera Unifier.

Custom reports and dashboards are costly and time consuming to develop. Leverage more than 200 prebuilt reports and dashboards, designed based on 20-plus years of successful Primavera Unifier implementations and using Oracle analytics publisher, the tool used to create reports and dashboards for leading global ERP systems.

Oracle Primavera Cloud Portfolio and Primavera Unifier

Maximize your capital budget by selecting the right utilities projects, executing them successfully, optimizing resources across projects, and efficiently operating and maintaining assets to provide reliable service.

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