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Why Email Deliverability Matters

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels to reach the right person at the right time with the right message. But like every other channel, email marketing has its limitations. Abuses such as spam and phishing have made it difficult for legitimate marketers to deliver relevant messages to their targeted audiences.

With email, deliverability is critical to success. Your email might be delivered to the intended address, but the odds of it actually being opened are far less if it lands in the spam folder and not the inbox, Email deliverability focuses on best practices to make sure your email marketing messages end up in the inboxes of your target audience. It maximizes your efforts so you are not wasting your time sending out emails to the wrong addresses.

A Reliable Approach to Email Deliverability

One of the best ways to achieve higher levels of email deliverability is to ensure that your email campaigns are relevant to your target audience. At one time, marketers sent out mass emails to all of their contacts. While this batch and blast approach is still used to some extent, marketers have moved away batch emails to a more personalized strategy.

Digital Body Language and Data Activation Help Create Better Emails

Transitioning from a batch technique to more tailored email campaigns can significantly improve your email deliverability. To get the best results, you will need to create emails that your recipients are more likely to be interested in. To make your emails relevant to your audience, you need to know their preferences and interests. What struggles and business problems are they dealing with?

Your digital marketing platform (DMP) will have information on your targets. That data will provide insights on how to properly reach and connect with your targets. Data activation is the process of putting the data stored in your DMP into action.

You can also use the data found in your target’s digital body language. Much like a person’s body language can give away their feelings and true intentions, a target’s online activities provide insight as well. By closely measuring the online activities of customers and prospects, you can gain develop an understanding of your potential customers’ behavior and mindset.

Reputation Is Everything

Trust matters a great deal in email marketing. Once your recipients see that you are providing relevant and useful content, they will be more open to receiving more of your emails as well as other marketing materials. As a marketer, you will always be making adjustments to improve the relevancy of your emails and maintain your reputation as a quality sender. To further improve your customer experience and email deliverability, you should also pay attention to the following tasks:

  • Managing your email lists
  • Ensuring a quality database
  • Acquiring new email addresses to add to your lists
  • Managing bounces

Doing all of the above will go a long way toward building up your reputation as a quality email sender.

To retain the trust of your target audience, you should always uphold high standards. Part of being a responsible and trusted email sender means safeguarding your targets’ privacy. Take care of the data you have on your customers and potential customers and use it responsibly. Do not abuse or misuse the information or let it fall into the wrong hands.

Potential Roadblocks to Email Deliverability

There are other factors that can affect email deliverability. The following are a few of the most critical roadblocks that can keep your emails from getting into your prospect’s inbox. Not taking care of these issues when they come up can lower your response rates. These roadblocks include:

  • Poor list management
  • Email frequency—too many, too often
  • Recipient complaints—fix any that come along
  • Blocked addresses
  • The spam trap—an email address designed to look authentic but is actually a fraud management tool

To reduce the likelihood of complaints, unsubscribes, spam traps, blocks, and bounces in your email marketing campaigns, take the following steps:

  • Develop a privacy policy for all the personal information you collect from landing pages, web forms, third-party lists, conference registrations, and other data collection methods. Notify individuals of how you will collect, use, and protect their data.
  • Create relevant, useful content that is not sent too frequently.
  • Manage your lists. Note addresses that are active and inactive in your database to ensure you do not waste time and effort.

How To Improve Email List Management

  • Know your sender score. You can get it for free. The score scales from 0 to 100, with 0 being the worst and 100 the best.
  • Authenticate your IP address.
  • Control recipient complaints to avoid being blocked.
  • Gain recipients’ permission. Only send emails to those who have signed up to get them.
  • Try to generate your own leads and email lists. If you use another source, verify that they are valid, authentic, and not too old.
  • Remove hard bounces. Try to keep them under three percent for each campaign.
  • If target’s behavior indicates a lack of interest, remove them from the regular list and send them an email asking how you can revive their interest or if they would like to opt out. If it is the latter, honor the request.

Always, Always Optimize

While email remains a reliable and cost-efficient channel for marketers, it’s only effective if your emails get opened. Email deliverability is an ongoing process that includes reputation management, list management, content optimization, email management, and customer privacy protection. .

You will constantly be getting feedback in the form of open and response rates. Pay close attention to those results because they will help you fine-tune your email efforts and increase email deliverability Email content should constantly be tweaked to keep up with your targets’ preferences, needs, and interests. Making ongoing improvements to your email deliverability will ensure that your email marketing campaigns will bring significant results.