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Knowledge management infrastructure and integration

Oracle Knowledge Advanced provides a fully integrated knowledge management solution that delivers a seamless, consistent customer experience across a variety of channels, including self-service, contact center, community sites, and social media.

Built on a best-in-class knowledge management foundation, Oracle Knowledge Advanced delivers rich search including machine-learning, enhanced natural language processing (NLP) search—with industry dictionaries—flexible authoring and publishing, rich analytics, customizable self-service, and agent-facing knowledge applications. Oracle Knowledge Advanced is fully integrated within Oracle Service, allowing content to be authored once and delivered across all channels.

Knowledge management infrastructure and integration

Oracle Knowledge Advanced—key benefits

  • Increase customer loyalty and advocacy with consistent and accurate answers
  • Improve service efficiency with contextual knowledge
  • Provide customers with self-service capabilities for both simple and complex issue resolution
  • Reduce incident handling time in your contact center by providing customer service agents with integrated access to knowledge
  • Scale to meet growing customer service needs—globally—while maintaining low operational costs

Rich content authoring, publishing, and workflows

With a rich, intuitive, WYSIWYG authoring interface and media support, anyone can create and publish beautiful and compelling knowledge articles. A specially designed inbox and workflows help authors stay on task. Customizable, point-and-click templates make it easy to create content for announcements, news, FAQs, guides, and more. Updates are a snap using global find-and-replace capabilities.

Comprehensive version control provides a full audit history, so knowledge is never lost. Maintenance is effortless with bulk updates and workflow engines that allow subject matter experts and others to view, comment on, and approve content updates.

Rich content authoring, publishing, and workflows

Knowledge authoring–Core capabilities

  • Article feedback
  • Article versioning
  • Article workflow
  • Audit history
  • Authoring inbox
  • Authoring workspace
  • Bulk updates
  • Conditional sections
  • Customizable templates
  • Interactive translation
  • Rich media support (videos, images, PDFs)
  • WSYSIWYG/HTML editor

Intelligent, contextual, multilingual search

Information is only useful if it can be found quickly, easily, and when needed. Oracle Knowledge Advanced offers superior, multilingual search capabilities to meet the needs of your customer service organization—even as those needs change.

Natural language search simplifies search activities by automatically understanding search terms/phrases using prepackaged industry-specific search dictionaries created in multiple languages. Wizard-based administration tools simplify the addition of company-specific terminology. Self-learning capabilities dynamically bring the best answers to the top to maximize customer self-service usage and success rates.

Knowledge doesn’t always reside in one location, but now you can leverage existing knowledge stores and investments. Federated search crawls data sources at once—including sources external to your knowledgebase—and returns the right answers.

Intelligent, contextual, multilingual search

With the following Oracle Advanced Knowledge search capabilities, the right information is always delivered to customers and agents exactly when needed:

Natural language search Improves search context and relevancy while simplifying search processes through an automatic understanding of the nature of the question.
Federated search Searches relevant content where it resides, including authored knowledge, as well as sources external to the knowledgebase.
Deep search Indexes an entire document and analyzes that document structure to lead users to the exact answer to their question.
Smart excerpts Returns excerpts from within any document type with the matching words and phrases highlighted.
Faceted navigation Classifies internal and external content into a unified hierarchy, allowing users to filter and fine-tune their search results using products and categories.

Global knowledge and language management

Provide seamless customer experience and support globalization with best-in-class language support in 33 languages. Create and manage knowledge in the user's native language to increase usage and deliver higher knowledge creation productivity.

Easily translate articles across multiple touchpoints with side-by-side translation. Translations are always preserved, and users can easily compare and highlight changes between versions. Global companies can leverage knowledge assets in multiple languages using cross-lingual search.

Oracle Knowledge Advanced—key features

  • Natural language processing
  • Industry dictionaries
  • Federated search
  • Smart excerpts
  • Automatic classification
  • Machine learning
  • Advanced search tuning
Authoring and publishing
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Versioning and history
  • Customizable templates
  • Multilingual authoring
  • Bulk updates
  • Rich media support
  • Dedicated authoring inbox
  • Highly scalable analytics
  • Prebuilt knowledge reports
  • Customizable ad-hoc reports
  • Profile-driven dashboards
Guided knowledge
  • Step-by-step troubleshooting
  • Embeddable guides
Customer self-service
  • Streamlined self-service portal
  • Smart Assistant deflection
  • Responsive design
  • Accessible design
  • Selective browsing
Agent experience
  • Knowledge favorites
  • Recommend knowledge
  • Smart Assistant
  • Multichannel knowledge experience
  • Advanced Knowledge for Chat

Insightful, actionable, analytics

Oracle Knowledge Analytics helps users gain new insights with profile-driven dashboards that provide interactive views of data. A set of intuitive, prebuilt reports—also based on profile—simplify reporting. These reports delve into all aspects of your knowledgebase’s performance, including:

  • Content related reports
  • Search related reports
  • CRM integration reports

Business users can easily build ad-hoc reports so they have the information they need to take the appropriate actions.

Guided knowledge for the right answer at the right time

Reduce agent training time and increase customer success with guided knowledge. Guided Assistance leads service agents or customers through a series of questions and answers to diagnose and resolve issues. Guided Assistance can also be used with the Dynamic Agent Desktop to provide step-by-step troubleshooting resolution, reducing the need for long-term agent training and ensuring consistent customer experiences and resolutions.

Add guided interviews to knowledge articles

Including Oracle Intelligent Advisor interviews in knowledge articles lets users get answers about policies and other business processes by answering guided questions directly in the body of the article. These embedded interviews are available to agents working on service requests and to self-service users.

Customer service agents can add interviews when they create or edit articles. When authors or reviewers open the article in authoring mode, they will see the interview just as self-service users will. Self-service users can view an article and respond to the embedded interview questions. Responses are processed in real time so that once the interview is completed, users will have the answer or a resolution to their issue.

Single cross-channel knowledgebase cross-channel

Agent desktop/console

Give your customer service agents the knowledge and answers they need. Oracle Service helps your provide quick and consistent, pro- and re-active, assisted service across multiple channels through the Dynamic Agent Desktop. As part of Oracle Service, Oracle Knowledge Advanced underpins the Unified Agent Desktop so that agents can easily find and use knowledge to quickly resolve issues.

Integrating knowledge into your contact center drastically improves resolution times by providing more accurate answers. Streamlining the creation and approval of new articles continuously improves cross-company knowledge. Oracle Service SmartAssistant provides agents with the best answers based on customer interactions or incident subject. SmartAssistant can be used by agents within the Unified Agent Desktop to capture collective knowledge and grow it faster than ever with recommend/request knowledge features.

Single cross-channel knowledgebase cross-channel

Self-service experience

Drive highly interactive and engaging self-service experiences.

Oracle Digital Customer Service, an offering within Oracle Service, lets you provide your customer account users with self-service access to their service requests and relevant knowledge articles through a web interface.

Your customers will find answers faster than ever, increasing self-resolution rates, and decreasing escalations.

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