Oracle Enterprise Communications Roles

Oracle Enterprise Communications—Enterprise Collaboration

Collaborate Effectively

Establish secure, seamless, and effective communication throughout your business at low cost.

Improve Communication and Lower Costs

Lower Your Communications Costs
Lower Your Communications Costs icon Lower Your Communications Costs

Are you spending too much on disjointed communication and collaboration tools?

Communication and collaboration tools that seamlessly work together across text, voice, and video enhance the effectiveness of your communication.

Enhance Your Communications
Enhance Your Communications icon Enhance Your Communications

Are you able to leverage presence and WebRTC to enable a seamless communication experience?

Instant messaging presence empowers you to convert your static email conversations into dynamic real-time text, voice, and video conversations without changing applications.

Own the Communication Experience
Own the Communication Experience icon Own the Communication Experience

Are you able to quickly create differentiated offerings to meet market demands?

Published interfaces and support for open standards enable extensibility. The ability to customize and add value ensures a competitive edge as your demands change.

Secure and Scalable Messaging
Secure and Scalable Messaging icon Secure and Scalable Messaging

Do you need a highly reliable, highly available, highly scalable, and secure messaging solution?

Messaging is mission critical and every minute of downtime is lost productivity for the entire enterprise. A breach in security could cripple your operation.

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