Oracle Banking Enterprise Default Management

Oracle’s enterprise default management solution supports the complete collections lifecycle—from predelinquency to early, mid, and late collections as well as specialized collections, including bankruptcy, repossession, and legal, and post-charge-off activities for bad debt recovery. The collections software offers configurable business rules to manage collection segmentation and tailored strategies for improved results.

Manage collections and recovery for all consumer products from a single, comprehensive, configurable platform.

Explore Oracle Banking Enterprise Default Management’s features

Automated segmentation

Extract data for delinquent accounts from multiple hosts and multiple products. The collections software automates the segmentation of past due accounts based on factors such as external risk score, balance, and number of times past due.

Tailored strategies

Define and design tailored treatment strategies and remedy solutions for a borrower or an account. Easily switch between account- and borrower-centric approaches.

Optimized experience

Leverage operational dashboards, streamlined queue management, case management automation, and specialized collections processes to support different collection strategies. Offer collectors real-time updates.


Track and audit cases with a rule-driven engine and fully automated operational checkpoints and alerts.

Streamlined tracking

Track charged-off accounts from multiple hosts and multiple products based on several parameters. Streamline the processing of such accounts and tailor payment plans.

In-house or agency allocation

Allocate charged-off accounts in-house or to a recovery agency based on different attributes. Ensure maximum efficiency in recovery operations with the right team working on the right set of accounts.

Vendor commission tracking

Track charged-off accounts allocated to vendors and associated SLAs. Optimize vendor performance through monitoring and corrective actions.

Interest computation and expense tracking

Charge interest on charged-off accounts using set interest rate plans and a predefined frequency. Track expenses incurred on a charged-off account, and add them to the outstanding amount.

Standalone deployment

Deploy the solution as a standalone, independent of any vendor or in-house core banking system.

Multi-entity support

Support the coexistence of multiple entities within a single enterprise while ensuring that system data is precisely partitioned between entities.


Leverage streamlined integration with third-party document management systems.


Leverage out-of-the-box regulatory compliance for key markets such as the United States. Compliance updates can either be adopted through automated system updates or can be configured based on business requirements.

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Why choose Oracle’s Banking Enterprise Default Management?

01Leverage a single platform

The collections software integrates multiple in-house systems with a centralized collections and recovery platform.

02Tailor collection strategies

Leverage comprehensive customer and risk data to drive tailored and compliant collection strategies.

03Optimize recovery operations

Deploy automation and leverage specialized processes and analytics to ensure maximum efficiency in recovery operations.

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