Oracle Banking Corporate Lending Process Management

Built on a microservices architecture, Oracle Banking Corporate Lending Process Management helps banks build rich experiences by providing automated workflows and intelligent processes that support digital-led, data-driven operations and deliver the flexibility needed to manage the complete corporate loan lifecycle for a variety of lending types.

Digitize and thrive with a modern corporate lending process management solution.

Oracle Banking Corporate Lending Process Management features

Oracle’s solution helps corporate banks digitize labor- and paper-intensive processes so they can operate more efficiently and build more-flexible, collaborative, and successful customer relationships. It enables banks to meet customers' on-demand and custom financing needs by accelerating the loan process from loan initiation to closure—all without sacrificing user experience or transparency throughout the application process.

State-of-the-art corporate lending process management

Use end-to-end workflows to manage the entire loan process from initiation to fulfilment, including loan originations, loan drawdowns, draft proposals, rate quotations, and servicing.

Leverage prebuilt workflows for different types of loans.

Customize process steps and form fields so they’re specific to a particular loan.

Manage unstructured processes effectively with adaptive case management.

Streamline syndicated lending with simplified processes.

Facilitate seamless collaboration between lenders, arrangers, and agents.

Set scheduled activities to automate tasks.

Improve efficiency with data and comprehensive dashboards

Gain real-time visibility with easy-to-access dashboards.

Speed up and simplify processing using embedded intelligence.

Monitor nonperforming assets across all customers.

Get data-based insights to improve decision-making.

Group assets at risk by customer category and access drill-down views.

Use operational dashboards to easily monitor loan status.

Gain a comprehensive view of the tasks undertaken by stakeholders.

A superior user experience

Offer self-service capabilities via Oracle Banking Digital Experience, enabling corporate users to check the detailed view of each loan account.

Deliver exceptional user experiences

Give frontline relationship managers the tools to do their jobs better and more productively. For example, queries and dashboard widgets provide them with quick insight into the application process stage and status of existing loans.

Microservices architecture

Open standard microservices architecture

API-first interoperability

Extensible and prebuilt platform

Scalable and resilient

Persona-driven user experience

Smart operations

Workflow-based transaction management

Single window processing: limits and interest

Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning for data extraction

Persona-centric dashboards for bank users

Smoother approvals through management by exception

Key benefits of Oracle Banking Corporate Lending Process Management

01Simplify loan process management

  • A standalone system, agnostic to back-office applications
  • Highly configurable workflow automation based on specific corporate needs
  • Ability to modify processes

Revolutionizing Corporate Lending in Today's Digital World (PDF)

02Better operational efficiency

  • All-in-one corporate lending operations
  • Real-time visibility
  • Highly configurable
  • Integration with the machine learning/NLP framework

03Deliver exceptional user experiences

  • Persona-based dashboards that deliver data-based insights
  • Real-time status updates and alerts
  • 360-degree view for complete visibility and comprehensive controls
  • Real-time data visibility to facilitate quick decisioning

04Seamless collaboration and increased productivity

  • Seamless collaboration between lenders, arrangers, and agents
  • Complete transparency and real-time status updates across channels
  • Minimalistic loan origination to meet on-demand customer financing needs
  • Flexible loan restructuring to easily meet customer renegotiation needs

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