Oracle Banking Corporate Lending

Oracle Banking Corporate Lending caters to banks and financial institutions offering high-value commercial loans to large corporates and small and midsize enterprises. It supports multicurrency, multiborrower, and multiregion participation with high-volume processing, reducing the risk involved in corporate lending.

Accelerate and simplify operations across the entire loan lifecycle.

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With Oracle Banking Corporate Lending, banks can accelerate and simplify loan originations, servicing, and closures. The solution addresses the business processes for bilateral and syndicated loan funding and provides omnichannel and self-service experiences—all with a scalable, integrated, and comprehensive platform.

Accelerate loan origination and servicing

Effectively, efficiently, and flexibly manage the entire loan lifecycle, including setting up loan contracts, loan drawdowns, loan restructuring, and loan servicing.

Speed up origination with a high level of straight-through processing.

Streamline the approval process with the auto-decision capability.

Meet the financing needs of all types of customers with end-to-end capabilities.

Lower the risk of nonperforming assets with real-time loan status tracking.

Complete loan servicing for a variety of lending types

Manage complex commercial loan products, such as bilateral loans, syndicated loans, and secondary loan trading.

Support multicurrency, multiborrower, and multiregion participation.

Manage the agency, arranger, and participation roles in syndication.

Undertake par and distressed trade and optimize the loan portfolio.

Comprehensive functionality

Use a range of options to customize services and products to specific customer needs.

Effectively assess each customer’s business to deliver the right solution.

Enable the bank to create innovative products, reduce time to market, and respond to competition efficiently and effectively with product manufacturing.

Empower financial institutions of varied sizes to offer and manage complex commercial loan products that cater to large corporate and small and midsize enterprises.

Build resiliency and enhance productivity

Manage high-volume processing.

Easily process a commitment, tranche, or drawdown.

Efficiently manage repayments, penalties, and settlements.

Simplify rolling over a loan, amendments, and restructuring.

Track nonperforming loans.

Seamlessly exchange information between multiple stakeholders.

Track the trading of syndicated loans in the secondary market.

Leverage prebuilt integration adapters for Oracle Applications.

Differentiated customer experience

Offer a differentiated customer experience with self-service capabilities and open APIs.

Enhance the customer experience with the prebuilt web application.

Deliver an omnichannel experience with centralized lending capabilities.

Help customers track loan status in real time and ensure all processes are carried forward without any bottlenecks.

Ensure seamless data transfers between the corporate system and the bank.

Superior pricing

Offer relationship-based pricing and enhance customer relationships.

Help ensure profitable outcomes with the ability to set transaction, service, and ad hoc fees.

Simplify the processing of interest and fees, including schedule definition, component calculation, accrual frequency, and computation method.

Key benefits of Oracle Banking Corporate Lending

01Simplify loan processes from initiation to fulfillment

  • Easily manage the loan lifecycle, including contract creation, drawdowns, repayments, and servicing.
  • Streamline onboarding for a faster, more transparent experience.
  • Drive efficiency throughout the loan lifecycle.

02Improve operational efficiency

  • Customize loans to each customer’s unique business needs.
  • Gain an enterprisewide, real-time view of the bank’s exposure.
  • Transact in multiple currencies.

03Eliminate complexities

  • Offer large value corporate loans and syndicated loans.
  • Let banks play many roles in syndication.
  • Track the position and balances of different portfolios.
  • Offer complete transparency and real-time status updates for customers and participating banks.

04Third-party API integration

  • Use seamless third-party integration for quicker turnaround and collaboration between participants.
  • Integrate with back-office and front-office applications.
  • Manage complex and dynamic regulatory requirements.

Revolutionizing Corporate Lending in Today's Digital World (PDF)

05Speed services to customers

  • Oracle’s preconfigured, always ready-to-use platform doesn’t require customization.
  • Benefit from always-on upgrades, continuous enhancements, and near-zero downtime for updates.

Transform Corporate Lending for Success (PDF)

06Complete tasks without manual intervention

  • Automate routine tasks.
  • Deliver contextual responses with a digital assistant for intelligent automation.
  • Automate predefined events and actions.

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