Oracle Banking Credit Facilities Process Management

Built on microservices architecture, Oracle Banking Credit Facilities Process Management enables banks to accelerate credit origination and servicing, prequalify credit lines, and mitigate business risks.

Take a faster, smarter path to more effective, agile, and cost-efficient credit processes.

Oracle Banking Credit Facilities Process Management features

Oracle’s solution provides simplified processes for credit proposals, credit amendments, facility closures, credit proposal evaluations, restructuring, credit proposal handoffs, and credit exception handling.

Proactive credit management services

Evaluate each customer’s credit worthiness with accurate credit appraisals.

Minimize credit losses with exposure tracking.

Gain a holistic view of customer information via comprehensive dashboards.

Minimize customer defaults with periodic credit rating tracking.

Adhere to regulatory requirements and standards.

Validate credit proposals with respect to the bank’s defined policies at each stage of the credit process.

Get a holistic view of met and breached policies.

Flexible product configurations

Use a range of options to customize services for specific customer needs.

Effectively assess each customer’s business to ensure the customer gets the right solution.

Restructure credit lines to suit customer needs.

Comprehensive credit origination

Speed up credit line origination, reducing the timeline to a few days.

Eliminate credit fraud with efficient Know Your Customer and anti–money laundering checks.

Assess each customer’s repaying capacity with an enhanced credit appraisal process.

Use strong covenants to safeguard the bank.

Offer prequalified credit lines, and enhance the customer experience.

Efficient collateral lifecycle management

Effectively, efficiently, and flexibly manage the entire collateral lifecycle, including collateral evaluation, collateral perfection, collateral review, collateral release, collateral liquidation, collateral insurance management, and covenant tracking.

Simplified management

Optimize processes using a comprehensive process framework.

Monitor credit exposures across customers with a credit dashboard.

Improve customer service with access to customer 360 dashboards.

Enhance stakeholder collaboration via superior workflows.

A superior omnichannel experience

Offer self-service capabilities when the solution is paired with Oracle Banking Digital Experience.

Provide relationship managers with a holistic view of credit exposure.

Facilitate smarter and faster decision-making with a graphical synopsis of a corporate’s available and utilized credit facilities and collaterals.

Intelligent data analysis

Perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of corporate clients.

Microservices architecture

Open standard microservices architecture

API-first interoperability

Extensible and prebuilt platform

Scalable and resilient

Persona-driven user experience

Smart operations

Workflow-based transaction management

Single window processing: limits and interest

Persona-centric dashboards for bank users

Smoother approvals through management by exception

Key benefits of Oracle Credit Facilities Process Management

01Empowered bank staff

  • Enable relationship managers to offer superior services.
  • Enhance underwriter efficiency.
  • Empower IT.
  • Maximize the performance of operational staff.

02Lower business risks

  • Assess accurate collateral value.
  • Enable real-time exposure tracking.
  • Perform proactive risk assessment.

03Enhanced customer experience

  • Digitize credit origination and servicing.
  • Deliver superior digital experiences.

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