Banking Innovators—Winning with Digital

Rising customer expectations, open banking requirements, a host of new players and compliance mandates, and growing margin pressure—these weighty challenges are no problem for today’s brightest banking innovators. They’re powering forward, thanks to willpower and a commitment to modern banking solutions that elevate the customer experience, efficiency, transparency, and agility to new heights. Meet the Oracle Banking Innovators.

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Ecobank logo

“People are no longer just comparing their Ecobank e-commerce experience to other banks. They’re comparing us to their experience with a wide range of consumer organizations. Oracle FLEXCUBE is critical to helping us deliver on our customers’ rising expectations.”

-Ade Adeyemi, CEO, Ecobank Transnational Inc.

United Bank logo

“Oracle Banking Digital Experience gives us the power to create new opportunities for digital services that will be fundamental to elevating the customer experience and fueling our future growth.”

-Melaku Kebede, CEO, United Bank S.C.

Akbank logo

“Oracle Financial Services Profitability Management is a key differentiator for us in operational decision making. It is helping us to make more informed pricing and operational decisions that, ultimately, impact profitability and customer retention.”

-Aynur Satici, Senior Vice President, Budgeting and Management Reporting Head, Akbank

MKB logo

“Our core systems are not very old, but became patchwork by 2015. And when you think about how to go forward, we believe that we need to deliver our clients digital solutions in the next couple of years...So we can start now with the basics and with the change of our core system.”

-Adam Balog, President and CEO, MKB Bank

FBN UK logo

“There was an in-built fear of the organization that going through an upgrade would be so disruptive...But, it became quite an easy sell, particularly with what it would do for our client base. It would make the banks safer, we’d be able to digitalize, and as you say, start really innovating the way we do things.”

-Tim Gillman, COO, FBN UK

Bank of Ayudhya logo

“Our strategy this year is to go digital, thinking digital first. So, what we are planning is to transform our banking business to become banking as a service...Towards the future we are looking for Oracle to be an empowering tool.”

-Supatra Aphaiwongse, Senior Vice President, Information Technology Group Bank of Ayudhya

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A Closer Look

Digital-First in Action

Banking leaders are leaving legacy solutions behind and are on the journey to digital innovation—elevating the customer experience, enhancing service delivery and efficiency, and fueling future growth.

United Bank

Driving Digital Opportunities

United Bank S.C. fuels future innovation and transforms customer experience through enhanced service delivery.


Future-Proofing Systems

MKB transforms patchwork of legacy systems to deliver modern solutions to customers.


Managing Profitability

Akbank ensures profitability and advances customer retention through real-time insights.


Enhancing Digital-First

Ecobank sparks growth and elevates the customer experience through a digital-first strategy and a foundation for open banking.

Bank of Ayudhya

Providing Banking-as-a-Service

Bank of Ayudhya commits to digital-first to enrich customer experience and drive the business forward.


Upgrading Seamlessly

FBN UK propels business towards innovation through digital upgrades.

Focused on the Future

Banks and financial services companies are seeking new, innovative solutions to meet emerging industry and customer demands. Oracle’s banking solutions equip banking leaders with the ability to enhance efficiency, modernize processes, and adapt to new and changing demand.