Drive Growth with Tailor-Made Deposit and Lending Products

Adaptive, flexible solutions that help you design and roll out customized deposit and lending products that meet customer needs while driving revenue growth.

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Deposits and Lending Overview

Oracle’s solutions help you optimize your deposit and lending product portfolio. Easily configure business rules, product definitions, and a variety of other parameters that accelerate product innovation and improve business agility. Simplify and streamline engagement to make your products easy to sell and easier to buy and use.


  • Design innovative products and enhance customer expectations
  • Launch products faster and improve business agility
  • Create product bundles with ease and achieve higher customer stickiness and increased revenue
  • Drive increased flexibility in pricing that delivers value to both the customer and business
  • Simplify and streamline the onboarding and originations to improve conversion rates
  • Improve usability and servicing to enhance customer experience and lower costs
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Solution Features

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Product Speed and Agility

  • Manage end-to-end product lifecycle, from configuration to agreement management and closure.
  • Efficiently design and configure product attributes and preferences.
  • Shorten time to market for launching new products with out-of-the-box reusable business rules.
  • Optimize product portfolios by customizing features, without creating an entirely new product.
  • Improve cross- and up-sell by bundling or grouping products across different lines of business.

Optimized Pricing

  • Maximize revenue with unified and adaptable pricing and billing options.
  • Easily manage diverse deposit and lending product portfolios and multiple lines of business.
  • Embrace relationship-, profitability- and risk-based pricing and on-demand billing.
  • Efficiently set pricing based on product parameters, channel characteristics, eligibility criteria, promotions, and exceptions.

Streamlined Originations

  • Ensure higher conversion rates with integrated self-service and assisted originations on the customer’s channel of choice.
  • Streamline data capture with auto-fill and natural language-based automation.
  • Enable visibility for the applicant into the originations lifecycle with trackers and updates.
  • Speed up decision-making with definable qualitative scoring, integrated quantitative scoring, and automation.
  • Improve cross- and up sell with an multiproduct origination and an intuitive shopping-based experience.

Enhanced Engagement

  • Drive enhanced customer experiences with seamless cross channel servicing of products.
  • Engage customers with improved insights and self-service tools and dashboards that help them access and operate products.
  • Augment assisted servicing and engagement with intuitive UI and persona-based screens and deep insights for bankers.
  • Automate operations and servicing with embedded smart assistants and machine learning.