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Restaurants are our business. We provide specialized knowledge, expertise, and technical skills to deliver end-to-end solutions, enabling you to power better business performance and create exceptional customer experiences.

Industry expertise with global reach

Our technical know-how is spread across the world to help you succeed, no matter where you are.

We average more than 12,000engagements per year.

There's access to more than 600consultants located around the globe.

We're able to deliver service in more than 100countries and territories.

Statistics are based on organization and engagements as of the 2023 calendar year.

Benefits you can see

Unrivaled expertise In-depth industry, platform, and application expertise

Our consulting team has in-depth industry, platform, and application expertise and is committed to helping you achieve long-term success. Our experience and knowledge will help create effective and efficient solutions for your business.

Time-saving Let's get you up and running quickly

Our consulting team will save you time, get you up and running quickly, and ensure you get the most from our solutions sooner rather than later. We do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business.

Unparalleled quality Getting it right the first time

Nobody knows Oracle better than Oracle. Through our close collaboration and alignment with key groups across Oracle’s food and beverage portfolio of products, we can deliver solutions to help you reap the maximum value from your investments.

The types of services we offer

    • Whether you're a large enterprise with multiple brands across the globe or a single-location operator, we can provide the assistance you need to drive rapid and highly successful adoption of Oracle Cloud solutions across your organization.

    • Configuration architecture and design

      We'll help you set up an enterprise configuration utilizing a template-based approach that reduces the time, complexity, and effort of deploying your properties, all while leveraging the power of Oracle’s industry-leading technology.

    • Deployment planning

      We can assess and plan your deployment within or across multiple geographies, markets, brands, operating models, and/or individual locations. Our professional project management teams will help you create realistic and achievable plans with measurable outcomes.

    • Installation and deployment

      Our experts can provide onsite and/or remote installation and deployment assistance, including site-readiness evaluations, device placement and installation, configuration, training, live support, and post go-live hypercare services.

    • We'll help you improve the speed and quality of deploying hardware at your location. We can help reduce the time it typically takes to get set up by as much as 75% or more.

    • Site readiness

      Before installing your hardware, we’ll work with you to review the placement of your devices, as well as your location's infrastructure and environment, to ensure that you're ready for deployment.

    • Staging and kitting

      We'll set up, test, configure, and repackage your hardware with intuitive labeling and setup guides, and then ship it to your location for easy out-of-the-box installation.

    • Depot replacement staging

      We'll replace a broken device with hardware that's configured, assembled, and ready to be installed.

    • Device recovery and disposal

      We're proud to retire end-of-life devices safely, securely, and in an environmentally friendly way.

    • Expert services

      We provide strategic delivery and transformation services to enable your organization to rapidly and successfully adopt new technologies by leveraging the professional capabilities across Oracle.

    • Get dedicated support for all of your restaurant products, services, and hardware. We deliver rapid-response solutions to keep your business up and running.

    • Contact center

      Get assistance with your Oracle and third-party products and services from a single point of contact. We can receive and manage support requests for a wide range of technologies, systems, and tools, catered to your specific needs.

    • Configuration services

      Utilize our global Cloud Assist team to get help with configuration change requests, upgrades, ad-hoc training, and more.

    • Customers are more loyal to brands that create personalized experiences and emotional connections. With Oracle’s loyalty consulting service, we’ll help you build a data-driven, best-in-class loyalty strategy to create lifelong customers and profitable outcomes.

    • Loyalty and marketing expertise

      We specialize in optimizing the customer experience across all stages of the loyalty program lifecycle, including helping you choose a loyalty management solution, designing your program, and supporting you post-implementation with measurement and growth. Together, we’ll take your customer loyalty and marketing programs to the next level.

    • Data-driven approach

      A program grounded in deep insights will drive repeat customer engagement and loyalty. We’ll take a deep dive into data to create customized strategies for your brand that have measurable results.

    • Strategic design process

      Our robust and strategic design process will help you deliver a program that’s perfectly aligned to your customers and brand. We’ll partner with you to discover customer insights, develop engagement strategies, create financial models and KPIs, and deliver an industry-leading loyalty program.

    • Customized support

      We provide strategic and analytical guidance on all phases of the program lifecycle based on your business objectives. We can support all that entails, such as evaluating the competitive landscape, devising a best-in-class program and launch strategy, consulting on program expansion, and more.

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