OPERA Cloud Foundation—Cloud PMS for Economy/Limited Service Hotels

Tanya Pratt, Associate Vice President, OPERA Cloud Strategy

Even with all the known benefits of cloud technology, considering a switch to it can seem daunting. How easy will it be to train or onboard staff? Doesn’t it have more “bells and whistles” than we need? Can we afford it? Such questions are often asked, especially by economy or limited-service hoteliers who may feel as if the cloud movement is passing them by.

To address these concerns and make it easier for hoteliers, regardless of their size or scope, to capitalize on the benefits of cloud, Oracle Hospitality has debuted a simplified offering: OPERA Cloud Services Foundation.

In addition to our existing OPERA Cloud Services Standard and Premium Editions, which provide larger hotels the ultimate in choice and flexibility, the new Foundation Edition is an ideal option for limited-service or economy hotels that need just essential property management functionality. It comes with as many as 30 functions covering key aspects of hotel operations, such as guest profiles and room management.

Foundation not only broadens OPERA Cloud’s appeal, it also accommodates evolving business scenarios. Imagine being an economy hotel today and in a couple of years your business model changes, requiring the addition of upgraded services or changes in operational processes. With Foundation, you can add more sophisticated capabilities with ease.

Or envision being a premium hotel that’s still 18 months away from opening. You don’t want to incur the expense of full-fledged operating capabilities when you only have a skeletal staff on property – yet you don’t want your staff working on Excel spreadsheets, either. By starting with Foundation, staff can immediately take advantage of core OPERA Cloud functionality, and you can postpone purchasing additional capabilities until they’re needed closer to opening.

OPERA Cloud Services Foundation also includes full access to the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP), which makes it simple and cost effective to integrate quickly with Oracle’s vast network of partner applications—giving hoteliers the opportunity to update, broaden and accelerate innovation initiatives.

For more than 40 years, Oracle Hospitality has been pioneering technology advances that help hoteliers adapt to ever-changing market dynamics and elevate the guest experience. OPERA Cloud Services Foundation exemplifies our commitment to flexibility and choice. In other words, Foundation can readily integrate with enterprise applications, point solutions, or new infrastructure devices, allowing your hotel to evolve and remain at the forefront of innovation.

Oracle Hospitality brings over 40 years of experience in providing technology solutions to independent hoteliers, global and regional chains, gaming, and cruise lines. Our cloud-based, mobile-enabled solutions for property management, point-of-sale, distribution, and reporting and analytics lower IT costs and maximize business agility. Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA is recognized globally as the leading property management platform and offers open APIs to serve as a platform for industry innovation.

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