Oracle OPERA 5 Property Management Solutions

OPERA 5 property management solutions allow hoteliers to orchestrate the many facets of their business—including reservations, loyalty, and sales and catering—to elevate guest service and increase profitability. Designed for flexibility, OPERA 5 is the perfect fit for hotels of all types, from independent properties to international resorts.

Take your hotel operations to the next level with OPERA Cloud.

Oracle Property Management features

Hotels worldwide use Oracle hotel management technology to help deliver exceptional, personalized experiences for each guest and provide staff with powerful tools and services to make their work simpler and increase productivity.

OPERA 5 works with hotels of every size

Designed to provide flexibility to meet each hotel’s individual needs, OPERA 5 property management is the right fit for all properties, from independent hotels to major international resorts.

Property management you can trust

  • Deliver exceptional, personalized guest experiences
  • Maximize revenues and occupancy with advanced rate management
  • Enhance operations by integrating food and beverage and distribution
  • Improve performance based on real-time data

Largest network of integration partners

OPERA 5 PMS provides hoteliers and hospitality businesses with a vast array of partners, services, and flexible APIs to help them innovate quickly to meet new marketplace demands.

Maximize bookings and increase revenue

OPERA Room Reservations software provides a central database for room inventory, simplifying management of all types of reservations including individual, group, and party, company, travel agent, multilegged, multi-rate, and waitlisted.

Centralized and intuitive

  • Centralized system for multilocation and multi-property
  • Intuitive sales screens that guide agents through reservation flow
  • Automatic multilevel rate and inventory controls
  • Support for complex operations such as shared reservations and loyalty memberships

Orchestrate catering and events

Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5 Sales and Catering is a full-featured customer- and event-management application that seamlessly integrates with OPERA 5 Property Management to simply and efficiently manage hotel events and operations.

Maximize your sales and events business

Empower staff to boost group sales, enhance event and meeting execution, increase profits with smart pricing, and improve lead management.

Grow group sales revenues

  • Maximize sales revenues from group sales, conferences, and banquets
  • Improve staff’s ability to attain targets with powerful sales tools
  • Automate bookings via web channels and sell meeting space online
  • Increase profitability with smart pricing

Empower your central sales team

With Central Sales, meet the needs of a hotel chain's regional or global sales force and capitalize on a lead-sending module to communicate prospective business to selected hotels.

Increase sales effectiveness

  • Customer and contact management
  • Account performance snapshot split into group and individual production
  • Lead management
  • FIT (negotiated) contracts
  • Room and function space inventory overview

Easily manage mixed-use properties

OPERA Vacation Ownership offers key capabilities to manage mixed-use properties, including condominium units and hotel rooms. It also allows the addition of vacation rentals to OPERA’s full range of PMS capabilities.

Designed for the hotel industry

  • Fully configurable and custom contract terms
  • Rule-based operations and housekeeping features
  • Flexible, rental-rotation rules for fair and equitable assignment of rooms
  • Monthly and yearly financial statements for each owner and unit

Optimize hotel business efficiency

  • Revenue pooling and fractional ownership capabilities
  • Improved owner and guest satisfaction through flexible management
  • Lower total cost of ownership by leveraging Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property products
  • Reduced staffing requirements because front desk agents can service owners and hotel guests

Account production dashboard

Get a quick overview of YTD production of a specific account or hierarchy by viewing the account production dashboard.

Contract-driven reservation management

Implement contract-driven reservation management and automate inventory rotation.

Scheduling and billing

Schedule financial statements and easily bill recurring charges.

Data-driven decision making

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Advanced Reporting and Analytics enables better decisions through insights from your data. It comes with built-in capabilities for data cleansing, extensive standard reports and KPIs, and tools for ad-hoc queries, custom views, and reports.

Earn operational insights

  • Gain insights from data captured across functional areas, including hotel operations, revenue management, sales, and catering
  • Leverage standard reports and prebuilt KPIs to understand performance at the department, hotel, or chain level
  • Get information to the right people at the right time with alerts
  • Use powerful tools for ad-hoc data queries and custom reports
  • Empower business analysts with exports from and imports to Microsoft Excel

OPERA Analyzer reports

The Hospitality Analyzer reports provide a comprehensive view of your OPERA 5 on-premises deployment. The reports allow IT staff to enhance maintenance and performance management of OPERA 5.

Enhance performance evaluation

Each report provides information on OPERA 5 products.

  • Health Check Analyzer
  • Database Analyzer
  • End-of-Day Analyzer
  • Printing Analyzer
  • Special Interfaces IFC8 Analyzer
  • OXI Analyzer
  • Central Systems Analyzer

Give guests the experience they want and maximize your incremental revenue throughout the guest journey.

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  • Manquehue Hotels

    Manquehue Hotels, a Chilean family-owned hotel chain, selected Oracle Hospitality solutions to strategically drive business growth

  • ARP-Hansen Hotel Group

    Tine Hurwitz, IT project and system specialist from ARP-Hansen Hotel Group in Copenhagen, discusses OPERA's evolution as the industry’s premier PMS

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