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High-performance Java

Java runs best on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Oracle continues to innovate for the cloud by offering GraalVM Enterprise to accelerate performance for modern microservices or existing Java applications. Generate faster code and use fewer resources with GraalVM’s high-performance JDK. Get an additional performance boost from patented optimization that comes with GraalVM Enterprise Edition—at no additional cost.

Lower operations cost

Save money by executing the same workloads with fewer compute resources. With GraalVM Enterprise, you can dramatically improve Java application performance resulting in faster startup time and lower memory consumption.

High-performance Java on OCI at no additional cost

GraalVM Enterprise is offered at no charge when running Java and JVM-based applications on OCI. Java is the #1 language for cloud native development. It supports multi-language interoperabiolity with no performance penalty.

Modernize existing Java applications—or build new apps

Build new, high-performance Java microservices that start up almost instantly. Native executables use a smaller memory footprint ideal for running in containers with Kubernetes. With an ecosystem of tools, GraalVM Enterprise is the preferred way to build with Spring Boot, Micronaut, Helidon, or Quarkus. Optimize existing Java applications on OCI with better performance, stability, and support—backed by the Java experts.

OCI is the best platform for running Java

Application modernization requires the right tools and the right runtime environment to enable better efficiency, performance, and cost savings at scale. OCI customers can leverage Oracle JDK for a stable Java environment, run on GraalVM Enterprise, and get access to Oracle’s Java experts at no additional cost. Leverage Spring Boot and other popular microservices frameworks to simplify microservices development. Running Java on OCI delivers the best price-performance, security, stability, and developer productivity while reducing overall TCO.

GraalVM Enterprise on OCI at no additional cost

GraalVM Enterprise and the Native Image utility compiles bytecode ahead-of-time (AOT) and uses less memory resources because there is no runtime compilation. For example, the Spring Boot PetClinic application resulted in 94X faster startup and used 75% less memory.

Boost long-running Java throughput on OCI

GraalVM Enterprise accelerates the throughput of existing Java and JVM-based apps with aggressive optimizations without code changes. It includes patented optimizations that deliver up to 25% better throughput compared to the OpenJDK. The JIT execution mode generates optimized machine code with better peak performance.

Run Java with the best cloud price-performance

OCI delivers more than 3X compute price-performance than other clouds.

Backed by experts who provide the largest contribution to OpenJDK

Log and resolve Java issues quickly to optimize application performance and operation. Learn more about Oracle Support Policies.

Get access to patches before they are generally available with the flexibility to apply them at your own pace.

Update Java if—and when—it makes sense for your business. Long-term support releases are delivered every two years with another year to upgrade between long-term support releases.

Oracle Java SE Subscription Enterprise Performance Pack

JDK 17 performance for JDK 8 server workloads.

A native OCI service that gives comprehensive insights into Java deployments in all environments.

Java Management Service (JMS) simplifies discovering and monitoring fleets of Java Virtual Machines (JVMs). Easily identify which Java versions are installed and get notified if a version needs updates. JMS included with OCI at no additional cost.

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