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Oracle 5G Now

Unlock the 5G Opportunity

5G is now. Unlock the value of new business models enabled by network slicing, IoT, and ecosystems. Orchestrate and monetize these innovative new services at scale using the agility of the cloud.

Monetizing the 5G Revolution

Monetizing the 5G Revolution

After investing billions of dollars in 5G network infrastructure, communications service providers (CSPs) need to maximize return on investment by monetizing an array of new services and business models—quickly and at massive scale. Learn more about the monetization challenges and opportunities that 5G offers to digital service providers. Join a fireside chat about 5G's value chaired by Brendan Logan, VP of Oracle Communications Consulting, and with participation from Brendan O'Reily (CTO of Telefonica), Ibrahim Gedeon (CTO of Telus), and Howard Watson (CTIO of BT Group). Also watch Oracle's Richard Hallett, Senior Director, product marketing, discuss 5G monetization.

Oracle 5G Now: An Industry Showcase of Immersive VR Experiences

Oracle 5G Now

Watch a series of videos showcasing how the Oracle 5G Now portfolio helps drive new revenue streams and co-create offerings using 5G unique capabilities. A fictional service provider called Supremo partners with a football league called La League to broadcast games live in virtual reality (VR) and deliver an immersive in-stadium experience to viewers at home. Supremo provides La League with a dedicated, high-speed, low-latency 5G network slice. In-stadium 5G-connected VR cameras broadcast the game. Using La League VR app, Supremo customers watch the game from home in real time with a guaranteed 5G lag-free experience. Supremo can charge for the service and bundle with 5G enabled VR headsets.

  • Partner with LaLeague to personalize and launch a 5G offer
  • Sell and provide care for VR services
  • Dynamically spin up a 5G network slice and activate customers
  • Monetize the 5G offer
Modern Monetization and Orchestration

Modernizing the Back Office for 5G

Modern monetization and orchestration systems are critical to enabling the transition to 5G and other next-generation services that require system agility, intelligent automation, and massive scalability. Analysys Mason Head of Networks and Software Larry Goldman addresses the importance of digital customer experience and partnering in the 5G world, and explains why modernized back-office systems, including cloud native monetization, are foundational to success.

5G Future: Targeting the Enterprise

Figuring out how to tap the enterprise market will be critical to CSPs’ 5G success, but they must act fast as large companies in many industry verticals are considering whether to deploy their own private 5G networks. To give customers what they want, CSPs must collaborate with third-party providers to deliver automated, ultra-low latency services and customized performance backed by service-level guarantees. If they can manage this, service providers may find the enterprise market to be a vast multiverse of opportunity with endless demand.

5G Future: Targeting the Enterprise
White Paper

Monetizing 5G

Monetizing 5G

Learn how 5G technology and future business models will impact revenue management systems.

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