Hospitality—Cruise Executive Role

Oracle Hospitality—Cruise Executive

Drive Operational Growth

Improve operational performance and deliver a higher standard of service to your guests.

Leverage Data Across the Enterprise
Leverage Data Across the Enterprise icon Leverage Data Across the Enterprise

How can you gain greater visibility of your overall fleet performance?

View real-time cross-fleet data. Compare operational performance among vessels and routes against a range of parameters, enabling a more informed approach to business strategy.

Streamline Onboard Operations
Streamline Onboard Operations icon Streamline Onboard Operations

How do you increase efficiency and elevate service while maximizing onboard revenue generation?

Respond to guest requests quickly, enhance guests’ cruise experience, and drive revenue through increased speed of service and streamlined cruise management.

Maximize Profitability
Maximize Profitability icon Maximize Profitability

How can you accelerate business growth with a comprehensive revenue analysis?

Analyze transactions, revenue flows, passenger demands, purchases, activities, and movement. Facilitate a daily fleetwide instant snapshot of overall performance to enable data-driven business decisions.

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