Java 9 Expert Insights

Small Language Changes in JDK 9

Joe Darcy

JDK 9 enhances the Java language features added in JDK 7 and JDK 8 by simplifying try-with-resources, allowing private methods in interfaces, and making deprecation more informative.

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Modules in JDK 9

Alex Buckley

JDK 9 introduces modules to the Java language that enable programs to be structured more easily and reliably.

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Introducing JShell in JDK 9

Robert Field

An in-depth introduction and demonstration of the new JShell tool that makes investigating, learning, and prototyping easy with JDK 9.

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A (Re)Introduction to the G1 Garbage Collector

Paul Su

G1 Garbage Collector is the new default garbage collector in JDK 9, offering a balance between latency and throughput for most use cases.

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Java in a World of Containers

Paul Sandoz

JDK 9 runs better in Docker by respecting the container environment and allowing the creation of small Java images running on Alpine Linux.

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Collections Framework Enhancements in JDK 9

Stuart Marks

JDK 9 introduces new collections APIs that make it simple and convenient to create instances of lists, sets, and maps.

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Changes to the JDK Release Model

Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro

Starting with JDK 9, Oracle plans to have feature releases every six months and will offer OpenJDK binaries under GPL (GNU Public License).

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