Defense and Intelligence

Make Every Mission Successful with Oracle

The US Department of Defense and Intelligence Community face rising global tensions, a deluge of data, and greater difficulty in recruiting and retaining personnel. To help solve these challenges, Oracle offers the most complete solution at an incredible price-performance ratio, powered by embedded AI. Achieve decision advantage, reduce technical debt, and safeguard your data against adversaries in a zero trust environment. Our mission is simple: to help yours succeed.

Why defense and intelligence agencies choose Oracle

  • Trusted for 45+ years

    We started with the US Government as our first customer. Today, 1,000+ public sector organizations and 100% of federal cabinet agencies build, modernize, and innovate with Oracle. Our roots run deep when it comes to managing your most mission-critical data. And now, as the world’s largest database company, we're bringing you the latest AI innovations to help you leverage that data and gain an incredible AI advantage.

  • Committed to cloud innovation

    There’s a reason why Oracle is the fastest-growing cloud: our infrastructure was designed using breakthrough technologies instead of outdated architecture. This means that you get a better-engineered cloud with the best price-performance ratio, more flexibility, and improved predictability—so you can do more with less.

  • Securely protecting your data

    As part of our multilayered security strategy, our security practices and procedures complement one another with internal controls, governance, and oversight. Safely use your own data for anything from securing command at the tactical edge to turning satellite imagery into actionable intelligence.

Build a cost-efficient path to the cloud

Mission success depends on selecting the right cloud for the job. This guide helps you hone in on your ideal cloud strategy. It features the top factors to consider, a security assessment checklist, and use cases where AI can make a significant difference.

Oracle leads in price-performance for cloud

  • Consistent global pricing

    Oracle Cloud provides consistent pricing in every region worldwide, including government regions. Where other providers charge different prices in different regions, with premiums for government and classified services, Oracle Cloud customers enjoy the same services, performance, and prices everywhere.

  • Same cost as commercial cloud

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure government regions are offered at the same prices as our commercial public cloud while still meeting DOD IL6 and FedRAMP High authorization standards. The same prices are available for Oracle National Security Regions at the Secret and Top Secret levels.

  • Low data egress fees

    Oracle significantly reduces or eliminates egress fees and does not hold data hostage. This allows your agency to save consistently on compute, storage, and networking.

  • Do more with less

    Oracle’s comprehensive analytics and AI capabilities use high performance computing (HPC) for powerful and cost-effective functionality that does more with less. Customers benefit from HPC capabilities optimized for the cloud, resulting in greater performance and scale at a lower cost.

Oracle’s solutions for defense and intelligence

Oracle Government Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the next-generation cloud with one of the highest performance, lowest-cost GPU cluster technologies in the world. With government cloud regions in the US, UK, and Australia, and a range of deployment models, OCI supports every mission with services offered at the same, consistent global pricing as our commercial public cloud regions. On OCI, you can run any application, faster and more securely, for less.

Powerful, cost-effective computing

High performance computing (HPC) on OCI rivals the performance of on-premises supercomputer solutions while offering the elasticity and consumption-based costs of the cloud. This provides the potential to scale to tens of thousands of cores simultaneously and on demand. Bare metal servers with the latest NVIDIA GPUs and advanced digital twin modeling are part of a powerful digital array that’s available to support complex defense and intelligence missions affordably.

Deploy cloud workloads outside the data center

Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure accelerates the deployment of cloud workloads outside the data center. Ruggedized devices deliver cloud computing and storage services at the edge of networks and in disconnected locations, allowing for faster processing close to the data source and facilitating faster insights. Existing OCI compute images and object storage can be synchronized to Oracle Roving Edge devices using the same portal and tenancy tooling as our public regions.

Migrate VMware estates to the cloud

Security, predictability, and control make Oracle US Government Cloud the ideal platform for VMware. VMware environments operate in a securely isolated customer tenancy with predictable performance and costs. The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution allows government agencies to accelerate their cloud strategies by rapidly migrating VMware estates to Oracle Cloud while maintaining continuity of operations, staffing, best practices, and tools from their on-premises environments. With this solution, customers manage cloud infrastructure and VMware consoles for complete administrative control.

Applications with embedded AI to support critical missions

When things change fast, be prepared with systems that quickly adapt to your needs and help you plan for success beyond your next move. The integrated Oracle Cloud Applications suite helps to build a more responsive, equipped, and secure operation. Fully embedded AI capabilities allow users to gain insights directly within the apps to support their key business functions. Extend our applications using low-code/no-code tools to create mobile, composite applications that can operate off the network and transmit information securely via a reliable satellite communications signal.

Oracle Supply Chain Management

Oracle Supply Chain Management helps ensure that personnel on the ground get the gear, weaponry, food, supplies, and other materials they need when and where they need it, often in adverse conditions. Connect your supply network with an integrated suite of cloud business applications including planning, procurement, inventory management, logistics, product lifecycle management, and maintenance.

Oracle Human Capital Management

Oracle Human Capital Management helps DOD and IC teams recruit, onboard, develop, engage, and retain their highly skilled, mission-ready workforces. Our suite provides a consistent employee experience across devices, centralizes HR data to improve decision-making, and provides new capabilities to prepare your talent for the next mission.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning provides teams with advanced capabilities, such as AI to automate the manual processes that slow them down, analytics to react to market shifts in real time, and automatic updates to stay current and gain a competitive advantage.

Apply AI innovations to gain new insights from your data

At Oracle, we have always managed and protected the world’s most important data. Effective data management is critical to enhance mission owners’ ability to keep the nation safe, improve operational efficiency, and harness the power of data in real time at the tactical edge. Oracle Modern Data Platform allows you to collect, curate, and manage all your assets and data—and, with the latest AI innovations, gain an undeniable advantage against adversaries.

Embedded AI capabilities have been designed to radically change and simplify your data experience. They can help retrieve the necessary data and insights you need, and quickly manage your database while safeguarding your data against adversaries in a zero-trust environment. As the latest AI advancements are put to work to address your unique challenges with real-time insights, AI naturally becomes part of your business operations.

Next steps to get started

Federal contract vehicles

Federal civilian, defense, and intelligence community agencies can purchase Oracle Cloud services through established contract vehicles.

Customer support

US Government Cloud customers can engage Oracle Support by phone or by opening a My Oracle Support ticket.


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