Contact Oracle in Malta

Contact Oracle in Malta

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  • Megabyte Ltd

    F4, The Technopark,
    Mosta, MST02

    Tel: +356 21421600
    Fax: +356 21421590

    Web Site:

  • Intercomp

    H.S. Restall Building
    Aldo Moro Street,
    Marsa LQA06

    Tel: +356 22916117
    Fax: +356 22916207

    Web Site:


    Crimsonwing Lignum House,
    LQA06, Malta

    Tel: +356 21242121
    Fax: +356 25933998

    Web Site:

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  • Looking for a Career? Opportunities are plentiful at Oracle. Start your search on our iRecruitment page. Students and fresh Graduates should look for the dedicated portal for College Recruiting.

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