The Oracle Playbook for AI Excellence

AI helps organizations stay ahead, even in the face of uncertainty and change. And because of all the opportunities AI provides, it may seem challenging to know where to begin or how to chart a path forward. Over the last several years, with the help of the AI embedded in Oracle Cloud Applications and Infrastructure, we’ve found new ways to improve employee productivity and decision-making, automate end-to-end processes, and reduce the cost of doing business.

We’ve captured the secrets to our success in the Oracle Playbook for AI Excellence to help you achieve similar outcomes, including spending less time on administrative tasks, gaining new operational insights, and delivering a better experience to customers, employees, and partners.

AI Excellence playbook

Easing the path to AI success

The Oracle Playbook for AI Excellence describes our framework for focusing on people, processes, and systems in AI adoption and implementation. Learn how you can:

  • Align your AI strategy with your overall goals
  • Decide which AI features make sense for your organization
  • Get started in a very fast and simple way

Achieving new value with AI

By leveraging the AI embedded in Oracle Cloud Applications and Infrastructure, we’ve realized benefits across our organization.

  • HR—Faster recruiting and hiring of top talent

  • Finance—New efficiencies and cost savings

  • Sales—Higher productivity and performance

  • Supply chain—More insight into demand and increased adaptability

  • Service—Quicker resolution of customer support requests

  • IT Systems—Better user experiences and reduced manual effort

“With Oracle AI, our teams spend less time on administrative tasks—such as sifting through data, scrutinizing spreadsheets, generating copy, and classifying text—and more time on high-value activities, such as product development and customer success.”

Usha Thothathri, Group Vice President, Oracle Application Labs

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