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Oracle B2B

Business-to-consumer transactions have been getting faster and easier for years, but B2B transactions remain incredibly complex and inefficient. Oracle B2B partnerships with banking, logistics, and digital service providers to embed their services inside Oracle Cloud ERP will automate and streamline B2B transactions end-to-end for more than 45 thousand Oracle Cloud ERP customers globally.

Unlocking B2B payment success with Oracle and Mastercard (1:49)
  • By integrating finance and payment capabilities into Oracle Cloud ERP, corporate customers get simpler access to services to grow their business, and banks can enhance their offering delivering a timely and personalized service.

    —Eugene Bourke

    Mastercard, executive vice president, Global Partnerships and Segments
  • Embedding HSBC’s financial services into the systems that our clients use day to day, is a key focus for us. Many of our HSBC customers are also users of Oracle Cloud ERP and so this partnership makes perfect sense.

    —Brian Tomkins

    HSBC, managing director, Global Head of Commercial Cards
  • We are delighted to work with Oracle, allowing its customers to gain seamless access to J.P. Morgan Payments' offering, including improved cash flow insights and helping to accelerate business transactions.

    —Hubert J.P. Jolly

    JP Morgan Payments, global co-head of corporate and e-commerce sales

Learn how Oracle B2B can streamline how you do business.