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Accelerate to the Cloud
Accelerate to the Cloud

Enterprises and Digital Service Providers around the world are delivering better customer experience, business agility, and time-to-market results.

Oracle Releases LTE Diameter Signaling Index, Sixth Edition
Oracle Releases LTE Diameter Signaling Index, Sixth Edition

Smartphones, IoT and Connected Cars Fueling Rise in LTE Network Traffic.

What does the Future of Enterprise Communications Look Like?
What does the Future of Enterprise Communications Look Like?

Oracle surveyed over 300 enterprises and 65% believe communications embedded within cloud applications will become the dominant way of communicating with employees, suppliers and customers.


Enter the NOW Economy

Whether you are a network operator, enterprise leader, or government executive, success increasingly depends on personalized customer experiences, innovative digital business models, and a collaborative work environment, all on an agile IT and network platform.


Enterprise Communications icon Enterprise Communications

Stake your claim, ensure your future in the fourth industrial revolution
Enterprise Communications

Leverage communications as the key enabler of strategic competitive advantage, connecting people, devices, and applications with enterprise-class security, reliability, and speed.

Service Provider icon Service Provider

Shift your business from opex to innovation for the NOW Economy
Service Provider

Service providers want to ensure their investments in virtualization, orchestration, cloud, and communications-enabled applications will deliver a cost-optimized, more competitive position.

Aspider-NGI Enables IoT Success, Profit background
Aspider-NGI Enables IoT Success, Profit

Aspider-NGI helps IoT provider, Wyles, deliver essential healthcare, security, and telemetry services with a managed service of private network, operations, and business applications.

Secure Enterprise Unified Communications background
Secure Enterprise Unified Communications

Telesphere drives automation into its complex diagnostic and fraud detection operations to maintain its customers' enterprise networks and unified communications applications.

Hathway Cable  background
Hathway Reaps Big Benefits by using Consulting Services

Hear the CEO of Hathway Cable and Datacom discuss his strategy for growth, his six key initiatives, and how a partnership with Oracle Communications Consulting delivered huge benefits.

Communications Cloud Industry Solutions

  • Digital Convergence

    A digital customer experience that lets you engage, empower, and expand.

  • Disruptive Services

    Put your customer in control with a personalized digital experience and drive profitability with disruptively priced services.

  • Beyond Connectivity

    A modern sales experience that lets you sell smart and monetize digital enterprise services.

In the Spotlight

Press release: gnTel to Scale Cloud Based Hosted Services

Press release

gnTel to Scale Cloud Based Hosted Services
Deploys Oracle Communications SBC

Expanding SIP trunking and hosted UC services, and to establish a clear path for NFV.

Press release: Oracle and AT&T Enter into Strategic Agreement

Press release

Oracle and AT&T Enter into Strategic Agreement
AT&T to Move Databases to Oracle Cloud

Obtains access to Oracle's cloud portfolio in the public cloud and in its Integrated Cloud.

Delight Customers

Oracle Live Experience Cloud Addresses Customer Experience Frustration

Make customer interactions sophisticated, yet seamless and simple from their perspective.

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