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Întrebări frecvente

Innovative Communications Solutions

Integrated solutions that accelerate the digital transformation journey in a communications-driven world, from network evolution to digital business to customer experience.

Business Challenge

Can you transition to a cloud-native core with optimal CapEx and OpEx investment?

Oracle’s expertise in Cloud and heritage in signaling, policy and real-time communications enables operators to smoothly transition to cloud-native core network applications for 3G, 4G and 5G, and build a reliable and robust next-generation 5G core.

Business Challenge

Can you monetize new digital services?

Accelerate time to market for subscription services, support the full customer lifecycle, and offer a wide range of functionality-enabling digital business models—from basic recurring revenue to sophisticated, usage-based service.

Business Challenge

How do you deliver secure, reliable, end-to-end quality of experience across your enterprise network?

Businesses are experiencing an unprecedented amount of chaos in the form of cyber risk, fraud, communication technology overload, and network failures.  These challenges require a Secure, Analytical, Flexible, and Extensible(S.A.F.E.) Architecture that delivers a reliable quality of experience across your enterprise networks.

Business Challenge

Are you maintaining and applying a secure network policy?

Today’s telecommunications networks are under attack. The sheer number of hackers now targeting banks, universities, and government agencies means the volume and severity of exploitable vulnerabilities are on the rise. Do you have the tools that allow you to control and secure your networks?

Business Challenge

Are you able to deliver a transformative digital experience?

Take advantage of the market-leading digital experience platform to reimagine your business and rapidly offer, accurately deliver, and flexibly monetize relevant and personalized digital services and digitally enabled products in real time, at scale, and with no business model limits.

Business Challenge

How can you deliver QoE in a Multicloud World?

With the explosive growth in real-time applications, distributed workforces and cloud computing, a company’s productivity and customer responsiveness have never been more dependent on a secure, Wide Area Network (WAN).

Solutions That Drive Transformation

Communications and cloud solutions enable customers to connect, engage, and monetize their services.

Digital Business
Digital Experience for Communications

Digitally acquire and engage customers, fulfill and monetize their digital services, and empower them through digital channels.

Service and Network Orchestration

Enable the introduction and fulfillment of customer services across physical, virtual, and hybrid networks.

Digital Business for IoT

Monetize an array of new digital services using IoT-enabled connected devices.

Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery

Rapidly introduce new offers, accurately capture customer orders and efficiently fulfill them across multiple channels and participating systems.

Digital Commerce Monetization

Oracle’s monetization portfolio enables businesses to monetize subscription and digital commerce.

Signaling Firewall

Protect your network with the most resilient and comprehensive platforms available today. See why operators all over the world have made Oracle the most deployed signaling firewall available.

Customer Experience
Digital Experience for Communications

Digitally acquire and engage customers, fulfill and monetize their digital services, and empower them through digital channels.

Digital Customer Engagement

Deliver transformative customer experience—meet customers on the right channel at the right time. Differentiate your brand by developing lasting, profitable relationships with unified mobile, web, social, and contact-center experiences.

Enterprise Communications
Oracle Communications S.A.F.E. Architecture

Oracle Communications S.A.F.E. Architecture (Secure, Analytical, Flexible, Extensible) addresses unique security challenges by enabling secure and reliable delivery of real-time communications through a comprehensive, best-in-class, communications portfolio of solutions.

Oracle SD-WAN

Oracle failsafe SD-WAN—a software defined wide area network designed to not fail, to be self-correcting and provide MPLS-class quality of experience while bandwidth agnostic. Reliability and availability based on packet flow, not session based, and provide continuous unidirectional measurement to detect loss, latency, jitter, and bandwidth.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
Network Function Virtualization

Achieve value at every step of your journey towards virtualization, orchestration, and cloud native deployments.

Virtualized VoLTE

Start your journey to the cloud with reliability, agility, and automation with Oracle’s virtualized and orchestrated VoLTE solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Digital Business for IoT

Oracle enables businesses to monetize an array of new digital services using IoT-enabled connected devices.

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service

Discover how Oracle's IoT cloud can help you capture and analyze data from disparate devices at volumes and velocities previously unseen.

Evolution to 5G Core

Oracle’s cloud native, next-generation 5G core enables operators to design a robust and scalable core with best-in-class 5G network functions while offering flexible deployment options for the evolving journey to 5G.